Mature Sissy, Ivy

Since attending the HOD, Slave Jonny has transformed from a hardened and somewhat lifeless CP addict into a blossoming, mature lady! Who’d have thought that the lifeless old bastard, useless wanker would one day flourish as a sophisticated sissy, and an occasional slut! Of course, Ivy’s sessions always begin with the old bastard being treated as his normal self… hence the outdoor ignore pictures.  I do have a hairbrush spanking video from this session but Mistress has been SO busy, as you all know, that I have a backlog of like, everything, to get through!  So do enjoy these pics of Sissy Ivy in the mean time, and welcome her into the House of Deelight as a resident Sissy.

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Calling all closet Sissies.  You know it’s in you, you know you can’t fight it much longer. Surrender to your true self, submit to Miss Deelight.

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