Mike’s Control and Denial Poem

I have all kinds of slave’s under my command, all with a varying method of domination.  The slave who wrote me the following poem is a text message slave.  Every morning I send him a text message, to give him instruction on how many times to ‘edge’ (building up the plateau of orgasm then stopping before climax) himself and what he must fantasize about during the day.  Last time this slave was in touch with me, he only lasted a week out of a month’s target.  So this time I am trying to push him further, although judging by the poem he sent me last night, it appears that suffering is already intense!

Beautiful wicked Mistress Deelight
Please hear your slave and pity his plight
Each day I sit by the phone and pray
My mistress will let me cum today.
I beg and plead and ask you nice
To you that adds a bit of spice
To the suffering that you enjoy
To inflict upon this helpless boy
I complete your tasks both line and verse
And end up feeling ten times worse
My cock it aches my balls are blue
I know how much that pleases you
So I continue to endeavour
To win my Mistresses’ favour
You’re smart and cruel,by far the best
Thank you Mistress for my distress.
Just one last thing ‘fore all is said
And I drag my aching balls to bed
You know what I need better than I
I pray that soon the spunk will fly

Are you man enough to take on the edging challenge?


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