Mistress In My Mind – Distance Control – by Slave Taquin

As one door closes, another opens.  One thing you can be sure of is that I will get inside your head and I will be opening and closing all sorts of doors in your mind that you didn’t even know were there!

Last week finished with Mistress leaving a picture on my PC of a man in bondage and the instruction to save it to my hard drive.

This week commenced with Mistress texting me to let me know that she ‘was going to need some good strong hemp rope for what she had in mind’. This was quickly followed up by another text instructing me to spend some time that day finding some suitable rope and a supplier. Mistress had introduced me at my last session to the practice of being tied up in an uncomfortable position. The picture she had sent me last week, and indeed her texts since, suggested that she might wish  develop this further. Mistress has now created another fantasy in my head that she can torment me with. It is the worst sort of fantasy really. In my head it excites and stimulates me, but I know that the reality would be so much more difficult. Of course this might just be Mistress playing with my head. She does it so well. I have now given up predicting what will actually happen next. I have been wrong too many times before.

I went on-line at my earliest opportunity to find some suitable rope. It is very easy to find bondage rope of course, but to find something that was going to please Mistress needed a bit more time. I needed to research rope diameters, rope lengths for different ties and then rope qualities. Hemp rope comes in different grades and different finishes. I learned a lot that day (and got rather hot under the collar doing it). I submitted my recommendation to Mistress for her consideration together with an offer to pay for what she might buy.

The next day Mistress suggested that I should consider attending the HOD at some point before Christmas. I think this was probably due to a comment that I had made in my last blog about how slowly time was passing and the fact that my next scheduled session is not until the new year. I had also told Mistress about how horny I had become as a result of not being allowed to touch her property for my own pleasure.

How would any good slave respond to such a question from his Mistress? He would probably say something like ‘on what day and at what time should I attend Mistress?’ What was my response? ‘Dear Mistress, I would love to come over to the HOD before Christmas but I really can’t.’ The truth of the matter is that I do now attend the HOD on a monthly basis. This is more frequent than ever I had done previously. Unfortunately personal circumstances (and my bank balance) would have made another visit difficult to achieve. I did not sense any anger in the response from Mistress, however I did wonder if the next task set was a form of punishment! I was to edge myself 3 times that day. Each time I was to do so with the picture of the chap in uncomfortable bondage in front of me. This was to be the first time that I had been allowed to touch Mistresses property in this way for some time. I quickly found an opportunity to carry out my first ‘edge’ and set about the task with enthusiasm. (Too much enthusiasm as it turned out!) In my mind it was actually me who was tied up. I was at the HOD and totally helpless. Unfortunately at the very moment that I should have stopped, my mind told me that it was actually Mistress who had reached around my body and was stimulating her property. I jolted back into reality as I felt my cock begin to twitch. I quickly took my hand away as I watched it, hoping beyond hope that it would stop. It didn’t, and I came. Just a tiny bit but it was enough.

I tidied myself up and started to compose the text to Mistress. As a distance control slave total obedience and honesty is essential. Otherwise what would be the point. In the text I explained the circumstances of my misdemeanor, explained how little I had actually cum and promised that I would not make the same mistake on the next two edges that were required that day. I awaited the response with some trepidation! Before long my phone pinged and I read the text from Mistress. She explained that she would have to think about what my punishment would be. She then went on to tell me what a good boy I was for being honest. I know it is pathetic but it does give me a warm glow of satisfaction when Mistress tells me that I have been a good boy, even when I know that my punishment is also being considered. Mistress understands my weakness as a man under her control and will punish me and praise me as required. Later that day I carried out my second and then third edge. Both without mishap.

The following morning I sent my required text to Mistress and waited. Her response was to the point. She told me that she hoped that I had enjoyed touching her property for pleasure the day before, because it was the last time that I was going to do so before my next session. This was my punishment then, I was now on a touching ban until the beginning of 2016! This will not be easy. It is of course a reasonable punishment in the circumstances. After all I did fail in my task. What makes it easier to accept is the fact that I didn’t get any sense that Mistress was angry with me (that would hurt). It is just that I am being trained to be a better slave. In actual fact I can almost imagine Mistress smiling at my lack of control and being happy that, following my rejection of her offer to attend the HOD before Christmas, I had fallen so easily at the first hurdle that she had put in front of me.

Since restoring the touching ban Mistress has gently taunted me each day. Sometimes with thoughts of bondage but mostly with the knowledge that she wants me locked up in a chastity device again. One morning I went out to my workshop to find that Mistress had already paid a visit to my laptop via TeamViewer. She had left one picture with words on it that informed me that I had no use for a full erection unless I was in her presence, and another of a key fob with the word ‘owned’ on it.

Towards the end of the week I made a request of Mistress. It was something that I had been allowed to do once before and so I was reasonably confident of gaining Mistresses permission. I was not to be disappointed. Let me explain. I am not a great user of social media. I do of course avidly follow, and enjoy the tweets from Mistress, but I don’t follow many other users. If I do ever find myself regularly enjoying the output from another Domme I always ask Mistress for her permission to continue to do so. This week I realised that I had been looking at the tweets of one of the Domme’s that I am allowed to follow but had never actually thanked her for what she publishes. I think it must be really difficult to keep publishing interesting and stimulating material to the ‘black hole’ of the internet. I contacted Mistress and asked for her permission to write to the Domme in question to thank her for what she does and to send her a small gift of appreciation. Mistress confirmed that she felt that it was the correct thing for me to do and so I went ahead and sent an email and an amazon voucher. The result? I received a nice message back from the Domme in question and she even tweeted that I had ‘made her morning’. I was really pleased to have been allowed to spread a little Christmas cheer and hopefully Mistress feels that, to some extent, my actions reflect well on her also.

My summary of the week would be: as always Mistress knows how to get into my head. I think she has taken up permanent residence in there now.

Open the door to Mistress in your daily life….

Distance Control and Contact.

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