My Newest Slave in Chastity – Sissy Sarah

Though I have many slaves who enjoy chastity, there are very few who are tough enough to go the distance of a real and genuine long term chastity contract.  My longest reigning champion was slave Arthur who spent over a year in Chaste and held an HoD record of 41 weeks denial.  No slave has ever been brave enough to attempt to beat it, until now!  I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you all and to welcome the newest Chastity recruit into the House of Deelight; Sissy Sarah.  Sarah attended her first session of a monthly real time session agreement,  recently and expressed her wish to beat Slave Arthur’s record; aiming for a full 52 weeks in denial.  Will she do it?  With my guidance, training, expertise and encouragement; of course she will.  She doesn’t have a choice now.

I’m going to hand the session write up over to Sissy Sarah as her recollection is a very good account of our first time together.  Enjoy her writing and enjoy the pictures.

The Day My life Changed

It was the day when I entered  “The House Of Delight”   to serve Miss Deelight in a session, just another Mistress in another town;  that’s what I just thought. Nothing I had experience before prepared me for what I was about to encounter and experience next. I arrived early and eager to serve, my instructions were to enter the open house door and lock it firmly shut. I walked along the hall, I heard foot steps coming towards me, the door opened wide and my breath was taken away instantly by the presence and sheer beauty of Mistress, she is absolutely stunning – perfection to behold. My heart began to race wildly and I began to shake in nervous excitement – all my birthday and Christmas wishes had come true in a moment. Mistress was dressed in a figure hugging equestrian outfit, I greeted Mistress by kissing the back of her left hand and both boots – as arranged. I gave Mistress my tribute immediately, as I find this an awkward part of any session. I asked if I could freshen up, which gave me time to regain my composure.

I presented Mistress with two gifts, to show my appreciation and gratitude. We had a very friendly chat and consultation and then the session began.  “Strip slowly and let me see…..”  I took off my tie and shirt, revealing a black lacy bra “mm….” Mistress began purring. I removed my shoes, socks and trousers; the matching thong, suspender belt and stockings completed the ensemble and Mistress  approval was complete with a gorgeous smile.  I was also in a chastity cage  “keys, we need to sterilize that, before we go on” I handed them over and was unlocked and free again after seven days of a trial period.  “Does that feel good ?  I have some cream for you” said Mistress.  I was given a liberal helping on my genitals ” now worship my boots” within a few seconds I felt an intense searing heat begin to spread down below. “suffering are we ? ” Mistress began giggling.

The next few moments will remained etched in my memory for a very long time. Mistress explained the gravity of the situation; if I was to begin serving her as a chastity slave. I was compelled to surrender and submit completely – as this has been a long held fantasy of mine. There would be no opting out – only total obedience to a divine Mistress; I found this thought deeply arousing as the chastity cage was put back in place. A brand new padlock was selected “are you sure ? ” Mistress quizzically asked.  ” Yes please .. ” I replied immediately and impulsively.  Mistress clicked the padlock shut with a massive smile while looking deeply into my eyes – there was no regrets our turning back now – only the erotic feeling and thought that my cock and balls now belonged to a Dominatrix. I had done it !  I had the courage of my convictions – there was only fear of the unknown to contemplate. We agreed upon breaking Slave Arthurs record of 42 weeks of enforced chastity and denial; however I got a peculiar feeling and impression that Mistress had a desire and secret wish to push my boundaries and limits to the maximum – for her own particular pleasure and sheer enjoyment and just  because she could.

I was then collared and restrained in the cage, and put through my paces with intense nipple torture with an erotic twist.  Mistress looked deeply into my eyes with a mischievous grin “time for some fun”  I was teased to my endurance limits with Mistress shapely and desirable body, but being totally helpless and locked in chastity, I began throbbing to bursting point against the metal cage, there would be no release or relief now – only an erotic mixture of intense pleasure and sheer pain; for the Queen of tease and denials  amusement.  I was then released from the cage and instructed to submit on the whipping bench, after I was secure and immobile ” I will test and find your limits” Mistress exclaimed. I had a warm up with a good spanking and paddle, Mistress probed my limits with various straps and a riding crop. Finally out came the dreaded and painful canes, I have always been slightly afraid of the sharp pain they inflict. However Mistress has a very unique style to this activity and I really did begin to crave the intense pleasure.  As I lay there and the rush of endorphins soared and raced through my body. Mistress began caress my buttocks ” you have done well my pet …….you will be emasculated and fully feminized”

To be continued………..

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