My Night with Paris – By Slave Huw

Slave Huw is a long serving pet of mine with a penchant for all things blow-up.  After some time away from servitude he is once more back in the stable and undergoing a period of distance control before making a return to real time sessions.  Yesterday on discovering he only had an inflatable banana in his overnight bag, I instructed him to go to a sex shop and call me.  He left with a new partner…. Paris!  He enjoyed the fun so much he has written a piece for my blog.

My dull and uneventful London life took an unexpected twist today when I was given a task by my stunningly beautiful and amazing mistress, Mistress Deelight. I will describe my challenge in my weekly diary however as a side note I wanted to detail my night with Paris.

Having had my weekly gym session to try to repair my old and battered knee, I sat down to eat my post gym chicken and rice. When I checked what’s app I saw a video from my Mistress. I watched it immediately and got turned on by Mistress looking amazing and by the task I had been set.

I rushed back to my hotel room and opened the box that contained my new partner Paris. I blew her up slowly and felt the pvc against my body and very erect cock. When she was inflated I sent Mistress a few pictures and then decided on an early night with Paris.

Now this is where things get difficult as I had only been granted permission to cuddle Paris. My cock was throbbing but I wasn’t allowed to touch myself, I also had this urge to kiss and lick Paris all over however rules are rules.

I therefore spooned Paris and went to sleep, although I must confess as my hands did grope her breasts a few times and I did also finger her pussy. I know I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t help it, I’m sorry Paris I just hope she enjoyed it. I know I did as my cock was dribbling pre cum without even touching it.

When I woke up in the morning I found Paris on top of me. I gave her a cuddle by squeezing her ass down against my very erect cock which felt amazing. I knew I had to get up to go to work and it was with great sadness that I had to deflate Paris.

What happens next with Paris only Mistress knows x

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