My Return Visit and More Teamviewer Control – By Slave Taquin

(Written 22nd November 2015)

I submitted my blog on the Sunday morning as required and sent a text to Mistress to let her know. A few minutes later her response came through to my phone and I eagerly opened it. Todays task was simple. I was to tie up my cock and balls for the day in order that it would ‘be a reminder of who owns your cock, and you’. I do find this to be an effective tool in Mistresses arsenal. It creates a sensation that I enjoy. Mind you it is best when Mistress does it to me at the HOD. I can remember one time when Mistress had my hands tied behind my back. She was stood in front of me wearing gorgeous red lingerie. Mistress had looped something lacy under my balls and just watched the expression on my face as she tightened the knot above the base of my cock. Sorry I drifted off there for a moment…. I did as instructed and got on with my work. A few minutes later my phone pinged again. Mistress required a picture. I have to confess that I find it exciting when Mistress demands proof of where I am or what I am doing. Although I consider myself to be a very trustworthy slave I do occasionally think to myself ‘but Mistress would never know’. Knowing that Mistress can demand photographic evidence at any time ensures absolutely no opportunity for cheating. Its a bit like if Mistress told me to hold my hands behind my back during a session, I would do it, but it is so much more exciting knowing that they are tied!

Two days later I found myself at the HOD. This weeks session was wonderful, but quite different to all that have come before. I arrived at the HOD feeling surprisingly relaxed. Mistress had asked me a couple of days beforehand how her property was. I had responded that it was healing remarkably well, but that it had not yet achieved its previous vigour since the aborted session at the HOD 2 weeks earlier. The truth of the matter was that Mistress had taken it easy on me during that time in order that I should recover. I have not been surprised by the fact that Mistress has been concerned for my recovery. Indeed one of the things that attracts me to her is the fact that I know that she will look after me. Today I was going to enjoy the rare opportunity of being in the company of ‘concerned Mistress’. I had no doubt that I would be re introduced to ‘cruel and wicked Mistress’ in the weeks to come. (As you will see from the way that this blog concludes ‘cruel and wicked Mistress’ came back sooner than I anticipated!).

I entered the HOD and was instructed to kneel. Mistress was wearing a tight black latex dress. It hugged her curves and showed off her figure beautifully. Following a very brief conversation I was ordered to strip and stand in front of the cage facing towards Mistress. She handcuffed my hands in front of me and produced a length of chain which she looped through the handcuffs. Mistress then proceeded to reach up above my head in order to secure the chain, and my wrists, to the top of the cage. Inevitably Mistresses body was close to mine whist undertaking this task. It was all completed far to quickly for my liking. Mistress declared that she needed to take a look at her property and to check to see if everything was working as it should. What a good day to be a Slave I thought. She was very happy to see how well things were healing up, but declared that today she would only touch the very end of her property in order not to set back the healing process. And this is exactly what she did until, after a very short time, I was begging her to stop. I had been looking forward to an hour and a half of joy, and at this rate it would all be over in less than 5 minutes. Each time I thought that I had got to the point of no return Mistress would stop and laugh as I fought to prevent myself from cumming. Maybe she thought that she was being helpful but I didn’t like what came next. ‘Lets see if nipple clamps can take your mind off cumming for a while’. I hate nipple clamps! They really hurt. I know better than to protest though. Mistress went to the cupboard and walked towards me with the clamps (and an evil grin). I winced as one, and then the other was applied. Mistress started to play with the chain that joined them. The pain intensified. With her other had she started to play with the end of her property. She started to apply a steady pressure to the chain and a strange thing started to happen. It was if there was a power line running down from my nipples into my groin. Yes it hurt when she pulled on the chain but the most significant impact was that it made it feel like I was going to cum immediately. And I did. Only a little bit, but Mistress showed me the evidence in her gloved hand. I held my breath whilst trying to determine what might come next. This is when I realised that Mistress was going to be kind to me today. On another day I would probably have been punished for cumming without permission. Today Mistress allowed me to calm down for a few minutes and then started to torment me with what she was going to do to me now that I had let her access my PC with TeamViewer.

Eventually Mistress released me from the handcuffs and I was able to lower my arms to my side. It was a real relief as my shoulders had become stiff from the time that I had been chained to the cage. I was made to kneel again whilst Mistress prepared rope for bondage. Several wonderful minutes passed as she tied a body harness around me and then tied my wrists to it. Mistress takes great pride in her work and bondage is no exception. She stood back and admired her handiwork. She picked up her phone and took a few pictures. Once done I was pushed back onto the wooden cross and secured to it. Mistress produced a formidable looking vibrator and went to work on me with it. Apparently it was a new toy at the HOD that Mistress hadn’t played with before. You wouldn’t think so if you had witnessed how skilfully she brought me to the edge over and over again, until she said finally, ‘do you want to come by the vibrator or my hand?’ I don’t think that I have ever been given such a choice before. I chose vibrator (only because Mistress was still only working on the end of her property, any other day I would have opted for her wonderful hands). And so my session concluded with a fabulous orgasm provided by Mistress and the new HOD vibrator. And how I came after 6 weeks of waiting. It was just fabulous!

Over the next couple of days we communicated on a few different subjects but somehow TeamViewer seemed to take centre stage. Mistress informed me that the next time that she went on to my PC she was going to make me sign into my bank account and then I was going to watch her transfer the money that I owed her (for extending my distance control contract to Jan 2017) to her MD Enterprises account. This is definitely ‘hard core’ distance control as far as I am concerned.

Shortly after being told this I noticed that several TeamViewer findoms seemed to have adopted a common grading system in order that they could agree with their subs the level of control that they could handle. I have copied the version from one of those findoms here:

Level 1: Just snoop around. Good for me to gather information that I can use in the future. I do not lock your keyboard and mouse input so it is very easy for you to stop me if I wander into a folder you didn’t want me to see!

Level 2: No changes are made to the computer but I have the ability to browse and snoop around, but not delete or transfer/download any files to my computer. I do not lock keyboard or mouse control. I may open your webcam so I can see your pathetic scared face.

Level 3: Ability to browse files and transfer them to My computer. No deletion or changes would be made to the computer. I may lock your keyboard and mouse while I snoop about (you can still see everything I do).

Level 4: Ability to browse files, transfer files, and make cosmetic changes such as desktop background, color schemes, etc. No irreversible changes will be made.

Level 5: Ability to browse and transfer files, make changes to setting preferences/appearance, browse internet history, edit homepage and bookmarks. No loss of information or major damages to the computer will be made.

Level 6: All of level 5 plus able to delete and transfer files, make changes to settings changes, browse internet history, edit homepage/bookmarks, delete email/messenger contacts, delete any data desired.

Level 7: All of level 6 plus change Teamviewer settings.

Level 8: Level 7 plus make changes to administrator account/sub accounts while still allowing access to administrator account.  I may also use the blackscreen feature.

Level 9: As per level 8 plus… Disable access (claim ownership) of Administrator account while enabling a restricted guest or user account for sub to use.

Level 10: Total control!  All of level 9 plus Enabling a restricted guest or user account for sub to use. This enables Me to determine what hours and days the sub will be able to login to the computer (however whether or not you have access, if the computer is on, I will be able to access it/make changes). Also grants ability to regulate internet preferences including but not limited to: when the sub is able to access the internet, what websites the sub can or cannot view. Ability to install/remove programs (including keyloggers and other programs such as payment enforcer), sometimes enabling access to any/all internet passwords.

It struck me that Mistress had taken me immediately to level 10! I think that this is probably a reflection of how well we know each other now. Mistress has taken over another aspect of my life. In the circumstances I think it is a good thing. I had been missing the continual and strict control provided by the chastity device. This ensures enslavement in so many other ways.

Two days later the TeamViewer box appeared at the bottom right hand corner of my screen and my cursor started to move without me touching it. Mistress had arrived. She opened the notepad app and started to type. She asked if her property had started to get hard. I said it was well on the way. Before I knew it Mistress had saved a very sexy picture of herself into my pictures folder. I really have no idea how she does this, but it had the desired effect. By this point I had started dribbling. We chatted through the notepad, each taking it in turn to type, until Mistress told me that it was now time for me to sign in to my bank account. This was a step that I had never taken before, and one that was about to push me right out of my comfort zone (if I can remember what that ever was). Up until this point Mistress had had access to every other point of my online  life, but letting her into my bank account was a massive additional step. I did what I was told and signed in. Well if the truth be told I tried to sign in. My hands were shaking so much that I almost got frozen out. Mistress told me to slow down. I took a deep breath and managed to complete the sign in process. My accounts opened up and my level of vulnerability went through the roof. Mistress intensified this further by locking me out from my keyboard. I had no option but to watch what she was about to do. She told me to start masturbating. I was definitely aroused by the whole situation (findom is not my thing, but a total lack of control is) and followed Mistresses instruction whilst she quickly and efficiently accessed my bank account and transferred the agreed amount to her own bank. By the time that she had done this I was close to orgasm. She came back onto notepad and asked how I felt. I asked her if I was allowed to cum. To my surprise she said that I should go ahead. She started to type into notepad again. Mistress was telling me that she now had access to my bank accounts as well as every other aspect of my life. She reminded me that I had committed to distance control until Jan 1st 2017, and that there was no escape. I came all over my workshop floor!

Thinking about it afterwards I realised why I had been allowed an orgasm. After all I had just watched Mistress invade another aspect of my life. I had watched on helplessly as Mistress had accessed my bank accounts and taken my money, and now I was being rewarded. Pavlov would be proud of her I am sure!

Yesterday my instructions were simple. Edge 4 times. Having been in chastity for so long I had forgotten the brief pleasure, swiftly followed by huge frustration, that edging provides. As I lay awake last night I thought to myself: ‘cruel and wicked Mistress’ is back. How wonderful…

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