My thoughts on being a slave to a Professional Mistress – by @sissymouse

Thank you to my slave, Sissy Mouse for voluntarily sending me his thoughts on what being my slave means to him.  A lovely piece of writing and very much appreciated, along with all the other ways that you serve me.  Those of you who continuously ask me, “What do I have to do, to be your best slave?” should read and take heed of this!

I have been thinking for some time about how I have changed since my first contact with Miss Deelight and also the joy of gifting so here goes…

My very first contact with Miss Deelight was a very nice email I received from her after I had purchased a gift voucher for a fetters bondage chair on her birthday wish list. I had been following Miss Deelights work for sometime and thought it would be appropriate to send a voucher as thanks for all the enjoyment she had brought through her website blog. Sharing in that blog, her sessions and her thoughts etc.

So you can imagine my surprise that after only a few hours of sending the certificate a very nice email arrives thanking me for the gift. We exchange a couple of emails that evening and Miss Deelight states that she would be happy to receive an application to serve her in person. So from my point of view we already have a rapport building.

Due to my work commitments time goes by and it suddenly dawns on me one day to send another gift certificate to the very nice Mistress who is still entertaining all her followers with her blog and tweets. Once again I receive an email back thanking me for the gift and a mention on Miss Deelight’s blog. It was at this point that I took the plunge and we arranged our first session towards the end of August.

I think we had arranged a session on a Wednesday and it turned out that due to work commitments I couldn’t make it so contacted Miss Deelight the day before to ask if we could reschedule. She was very accommodating and agreed to change to the Friday of the same week. Unfortunately Mistress became ill and had to cancel.

Again time goes by Mistress keeps in touch but as always work takes over ones life and it’s not until the October that I think it would be nice to thank Mistress once again with a gift certificate. Once again a nice thank you email and a mention on her blog. This was then followed by another one in November which as always a thank you email and a mention on her blog.

So you may ask why did you do this for someone you never met? Well the answer is to thank someone for cheering me up when I was having a dull day and entertaining me with her thoughts and adventures. It was never to get anything in return just the joy of giving.

When we finally meet in January for our first session we have a connection which translated into a fantastic session and something that will be imprinted on my mind forever.

I don’t give to receive I give to thank someone for the effort and hard work they put into what they do.

Everyone has to work to earn money and a professional Mistress is no different to any other profession. They have real lives and real day-to-day stuff to deal with. A gift says thank you for doing what you do. For being there to provide a service which takes a lot of effort to learn and excel at and to always look fabulous which takes time and effort whether that be at the gym or having to always be buffed and radiant.

So always remember it’s not what your Mistress can do for you but what you can do for your Mistress.

Don’t message her constantly with drivel don’t write a massive script and expect it all to go word for word.

Use to joy of gifting as a starting point gain her attention stand out from the crowd you are building a level of commitment and proving you are not a fake or time-waster. If you go on to book a session, enjoy your sessions let them develop be open and honest, we all have interests we would like to try, mention and suggest not keep saying Mistress will you do this to me Mistress will you do that to me. You are both building a relationship of trust and understanding if you relax and let things progress both parties get so much more from their time together.

For me personally our sessions have made me more focused on what I do and more relaxed within myself. Yes there are lots of things I want to try, and over time that will happen but it’s a journey and gift giving is part of that journey.

I will never be able to put into words the joy I get from buying Mistress a gift which she knows I don’t do for recognition but she still thanks me every time.

I would also like to say that I ache for my next session with Mistress I am truly addicted but I also know that she has a life to lead and other clients and doesn’t need the constant barrage of emails etc, so I book a session pay a deposit and turn up at the time allotted and we have the most amazing time.

All this because I sent a voucher a year ago to someone I had never met and half expected not to hear anything back.

Thank you Mistress for giving me the opportunity to serve and worship you.


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