Needle Play

Please be advised that the following post contains images that contain needles and blood.  Please do not continue if you are feint hearted or likely to be offended.

So, turning my slaves into pin cushions seemed like a fun thing to do and Slave Gimpy was first in the line to try this a few weeks ago.  In a calm relaxing environment I created this pretty little pattern on his nipple…

needle play bdsm nipples

Next in the line of daggers, was Slave Cagey!  He wanted to try something different, so when I had his balls in the crusher that he gifted me, I saw the ideal opportunity for some further CBT with needles…

CBT Crusher and Needles in cock and balls

A short time after Slave Cagey, another victim arrived in the form of Slave J who underwent electrics, sounding and then a little needle play…




All needles were 25gauge, quite small and fine.  I have some 21G to experiment with next, now I just need a human guinea pig!

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