Needles, Knives and Blunt Fish Hooks by Sissy Mouse

It took Sissy Mouse a bit of a long time to write this account of his dark session however he was duly punished on his next visit to me.  I personally very much enjoyed this session.  It is always great fun to be amused by the suffering of my slaves, especially this one.  For those of you reading this, you should take note. Mistress is always impressed by good writing skills and by those slaves who take the time to write for my blog, easing yet more of my workload as Slave’s should.

Needles knives and blunt fish hooks.

My session recap this time doesn’t start with me walking through the front door of the House of Deelight to be met by Mistress looking amazing as always this time dressed in Jodhpurs, blouse and boots but several weeks before……

Since my last visit to Mistress in early April and the adventures that it brought mainly thanks to Mistress’s interpretations of Slave Taquin’s session ideas, my real world has been filled with some major shite. I am not going to go into the boring stuff of why only to say it was a very trying time for me both personally and professionally and even the hope of visiting Mistress for a much-needed cp session had to be cancelled.

This left me on a bit of downer and I contacted Mistress to inform her that I may need a bit of getting into our next session which by the way I had been granted on the day before her Birthday (not sure it was much of a birthday treat for Mistress being subjected to my usual babbling buffoon like ways). So the day of our session arrives and as usual I send Mistress a text to confirm our session which she confirms and as always the morning drags until its time to leave for the HOD.

This session was going to be different from usual in that I had enquired if we could try a few things that would make our session a little darker than it usually is. Mistress liked my ideas and agreed to incorporate them into our session with me knowing Mistress’s ideas will end up being far better than mine.

Driving to see Mistress is always a mix of joy, excitement and trepidation and this time was no different in fact it was mainly the later because unusually for one of our sessions I know what’s coming and if my memory serves me right “its going to be painful and bloody slave” was I believe Mistress’s statement not forgetting the smiley face! So I was even more the babbling buffoon when I finally arrived.

Deep breath and in through the front door to meet a smiling Mistress who always looks more stunning every time I visit. Mistress offers me a seat and a cup of tea and we have a lovely catch up and she listens to my tales of woe. I sometimes wonder if a Mistress is more of a counsellor than anything else. After I don’t know how long of me going on Mistress says “well slave are you now ready for your doom?” yes Mistress was the slightly reticent reply.

So the session begins with me being sent upstairs to strip and return to kneel on the mat in the dungeon room. Mistress enters and offers me her boots to worship whilst reminding me of my place. Mistress then tells me to put my head on the floor and open my legs wider and kicks me in the balls from behind (well to be fair it was a tap) this catches me completely by surprise and I receive a few more. (This is a new experience for me and one I am sure will be built upon in future sessions). Mistress then gives me the honour of worshipping her amazing bottom encased in the jodhpurs which to be honest I could do for hours but sadly this was just a few minutes (sad face). Mistress then tells me to get up put my hands on my head and push my bum out and proceeds to spank me hard which I find is harder to take when you are not strapped down. All the while this is getting me into a very good place for the main event.

Mistress leaves me stood with my hands on my head and goes off to find the items needed for our session of needles, knife play and fish hooks. The fish hooks was an idea Mistress had about a year ago in a dream which she shared with me and of course it’s been sat in my head for quite a while now and today was the day. Mistress returns and hands me a pile of stuff and informs me to follow her upstairs to the bedroom taunting me as we ascend the stairs. I place all the items on the bed and go and retrieve other items from another room and I duly return. Mistress sorts out all her equipment and instructs me to lie on the bed. My hands are placed in the stocks of the headboard and clicked shut no escaping those with my fat hands and my feet are placed in cuffs no escape. Mistress then blindfolds me and it begins……..

First I feel the blade of the knife running over me and with it Mistress doing a running commentary in her lovely soft voice which is always the bit that messes with my mind. I know she is not going to cut anything off but because you can’t see every touch makes you flinch and I am reminded to stay still or the knife might slip (total headfuck). I can feel the knife picking at my nipples and then Mistress says “you don’t need nipples do you slave?” which technically I don’t but how do you answer a question like that in this predicament. I think all I said was “you need them to put fish hooks through Mistress” to which I think the reply was “oh yes let’s try the fish hooks” I hear rummaging and then the box of fish hooks being rattled menacingly.

Now this is where if you want something to work don’t leave it to a slave to get what you need because the fish hooks I bought where just not sharp enough to go through the nipples no matter how much Mistress tried they weren’t going in (I have since sourced some VERY sharp hooks for a future session). Mistress then says “well slave if you can’t have hooks you can have needles and with that Mistress proceeds to insert needles in various places. I feel them going through my nipples which was not as painful as I was expecting and down both sides of my chest. Just so you know Mistress has taken pictures which I have not seen so I have no idea how many went in. Once finished Mistress then ties the needles on my chest with some kind of rope or string and draws them together and then comes the shock (literally) the electrics are wired up to the needles and the shocking begins! Now I don’t know if the electrics travelled through the needles but it was truly shocking and the most intense electrics session I have ever experienced. Mistress of course is having great fun watching me contort with every press of that dam fire button on the e-stim box. The intensity of the shock is getting higher and higher until Mistress knows I have had enough but not before one final massive shock which leaves me utterly speechless and gasping.

Mistress removes the electrics and starts to remove the needles very slowly which I think hurts more than when they went in. Finally they are all out and Mistress announces that there is still a lot of session time left and what shall we do next? I have learnt its best to keep quiet and let Mistress decide which of course she did and produces the electric double pin wheel and starts to run it around my cock and balls to very little effect even with it on high. I then stupidly tell Mistress that I believe it works better if the area is damp as this conducts the electric between the wheels. So Mistress applies some lube and tries again. The first touch and I try to leap off the bed much to Mistress’s amusement “oh that’s much better well done slave” says Mistress. Now I don’t think the pinwheel was running over me very long but the combination of the spiky wheels and the electrics makes it very intense and it seemed to last forever.

Finally Mistress had finished amusing herself and released me to go shower and dress and join her downstairs. Even the shower was painful on my needle wounds which was probably why Mistress insisted I had one.

So the session ended with a nice post session cuppa and chat and feeling so much better than when I walked in. I wished Mistress a very happy birthday and returned to the real world but with a little less of a black cloud over me.

Thank you Mistress, for always taking the ideas and adding so much more.

(click images to enlarge – warning contains needle play)

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