New Boobs Coming Soon!

I am Deelighted that my Titty Fund campaign has finally reached its goal.

You have all proved yourselves by donating the cash I needed to have my new boobs done, and the operation date is the 8th October – Happy Mistress indeed.  So… take a look at these puppies and imagine that this Banana is your puny, tiny, little maggot cock….

Ha Ha Ha as if you’d even be able to fill the gap!  However you will have helped to fill new bra’s and I am going to need lots and lots of new underwear to fit my new tits into.  So.. go to Amazon or click HERE, buy me a gift certificate and email it to, so that I can shop online for lots of very sexy new underwear whilst I am recovering from the operation.   Then sit back and wait for some Deelightful pictures of my brand new boobs in and out of my brand new underwear, to appear on my blog!  It really is THAT simple… do it NOW!