New Fetish Clip – Strict Shoe Worship with Blackmail and CEI

Kneel and gaze upon me in my shiny skin tight latex and super high heel open toe shoes then feel the wrath of my evil side as I tease, humiliate, blackmail and verbally abuse you with my strict, commanding manner.

Come here slave, come here. Get down here now. On your hands and knees where you belong. That’s right you grovel and worship at my feet, you worship the ground I walk on because you are a pathetic little low life and this is a privilege for you. What a lovely place for you to be. I know what you want, I know that you want to grovel. So grovel you little fuck and kiss my shoes now! Here! Worship don’t drool. Now do the other one, no fucking around. Do as you are told or you will feel the sting of my whip. Pretty soon these sharp heels will be digging into you. Sharp spiky new heels in your chest and nipples. You are going to be my doormat. Easy? Have you ever had a pair of heels digging into your chest? You haven’t got a clue what it feels like have you? It hurts slave, it really hurts! You’re going to suffer for me. I like that, I like your suffering, hearing you beg and plead through the pain as you try your best to please me. But you are a pussy and you are soon going to be whining like the little bitch that you are. I’m going to walk my feet down your body until my heels are digging into your cock and then I’m going to take that little cock in between my shoes and I’m going to squish it there while my heels dig into your balls. You are going to really suffer. However with all punishment comes reward. If you endure the pain enough and try your absolute best, I might just let you spunk. I’m going to let you wank that cock of yours and I’ll let you rub it on my shoes. What’s that? You want to cum on my shoes? I’ll let you come on my shoes BUT there is a catch. You will have to clean it all up with your tongue. Do we have a deal? Good. Now just to make sure that you keep your end of the bargain, I am going to take a photo of you. Now if you don’t keep your end of the deal I will post this photo all over the internet for all your friends to see. Do you still want to cum on my shoes? Well there is no point in saying “NO” now. You’ve already made a deal, a deal with the devil! You ARE going to wank that cock, you ARE going to spunk on my shoes and then YOU WILL lick every single last drop off. Now do as you’re told and wank your cock for me……..





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