New Fetish Clip – Traffic Cop Blackmails Cheating, Speeding Husband

Traffic Cop Blackmails Cheating, Speeding Husband

As promised, the clip is now available at clips4sale  and on IwantClips

Excuse me Sir, would you mind winding your window down. Do you know what speed you were doing? This is the second time I have had to pull you over and at this same location too. I think you have done it on purpose just to get attention from a sexy traffic cop. The only problem is, I know your wife! I go to yoga class with her and she is always talking about you and how she suspects you are up to no good with other women. I also happen to know that the lady sat next to you in the passenger seat isn’t your wife either. I have all this as evidence on my body-cam. Your wife told me that if she ever had solid proof of you cheating that she would take you to the cleaners, she would have everything from you, the house, the car, the kids, you wouldn’t be left with a penny to your name. You’d be destitute and on the streets. I don’t think you really want that to happen do you? So now you have a choice; you either accept the three terms of my of the offer I’m about to give you, or I hand over the evidence to your wife. The three terms are as follows:

You are going to give me access to your bank accounts and credit accounts by adding me as a cardholder, providing me with cards and pin numbers. I know your wife doesn’t manage or look at your accounts, she’s told me you don’t allow her too.
You are going to learn to use your mouth. Since you like using it so much with your arrogant and gobby attitude, you are are going to dump your lady friends and come work for me in your spare time, at my exclusive glory hole.
You are going to give me your asshole. You are an asshole after-all, and asshole’s deserve to be used. I am going to train you to take all of my strapons until you can take this huge black one. Once I know you are trained, your spare time is going to be spent as my rent boy!

It’s either that, or you lose everything to divorce! You have 48 hours to report to me.