New Military Trench Coat

I just had a visit from my loyal, smart and obedient servant, Hypnobot No1.  He didn’t come for a session. His only duty today was to present me, his Commander,  with 2 new military style trench coats that he had meticulously chosen; one for myself and one for his female colleague, Hypnobot No2. For myself, a Karen Millen coat had been acquired. For Hypnobot No2, a Hobbs coat was the brand purchased.  I haven’t looked at the coat for Hypnobot No2 as I wish to pass it on to her, still sealed for her surprise.  But I was very eager to try on my own new acquisition. Already wearing the beautiful tailored suit purchased for me by HB1 previously, I set about unwrapping, dressing (assisted by HB1) and fastening those glorious buttons.  The coat is impeccable quality and gives me a sense of even greater power over my servants.

Thank you for your gift and your care attention, Hypnobot 1.

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