New Sparkle Task – Divine Footwear

sparkle task louboutin

Some of you were disappointed to have not been involved in the Christmas Sparkle Task for my new camera lens, well if you’re not fast you’re last after all.  And some of you who were quick enough to save your pennies and put that whopping big smile on Mistresses face, have already asked what the next task is.  What good little pets you all are :)  So here is something a little more exciting for you.  The lens task was exciting for me but this one will be exciting for all of us.  And you will all benefit from the ever lasting joy that this task is going to bring me.  As you all know, Mistress has beautiful and divine feet. Divine feet should only be encased in the most divine footwear, wouldn’t you agree?  The highest quality, most fashionable, elegant and beautiful foot wear of all: Louboutin Shoes.

These Louboutins in particular:

Louboutin sparkle task


Imagine being at my feet, and looking up slowly from a pair of these fabulous shoes, filled with my beautiful feet and elongating my stunning, toned legs as your eyes travel upwards to the vision of beauty above you.  A Mistress as good as me, deserves only the best don’t you agree?

So my little pets, for this task, I am going to give you details of my savings account and I look forward to seeing it grow until it reaches £725 at which time I will order them immediately.  Most Louboutins are limited edition so, although there is no time limit, Mistress would be so sad to miss out.

Don’t forget to put your Slave Name as a reference when you make a transfer or deposit, so that I can thank you all personally.  Follow my blog for updates pets.

sort code: 40-46-18

Account Number:  22078651

Account Name:  MD Enterprises


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