Nurse Deelight’s Smoke Break – New Fetish Movie Clip

Well hello my little smoke slaves, it’s nurse Deelight here. I’ve been busy on my shift so I thought I’d take a little cigarette break. Now i know how much you like to watch me smoke, so I expect your little cocks to be all hard right now. You can watch me smoke and I even give you permission to masturbate but you must do it very slowly. I’ve been very busy in wank clinic today, yes that’s right I get all the slaves in here who have erectile dysfunction and it’s my duty to get things working again. It doesn’t take much to do so really! If all else fails I use my fingers and start by gently teasing their helmet. I’ll spit on their cocks and use it as lube to help get things working. I might even tease them with my heels. Stroking their cocks up and down with my red nurse high heels. Would you like to see them? To kiss them? You’re not a limp dick are you? All you have to do is watch me smoke and you are rock solid and horny! We love being naughty don’t we? I love the smoke as it fills my lungs… would you like some of my smoke? It’s come from my chest, are you looking at my chest? Of course you are.. it turns you on! let’s smoke together. I know how much you like it. Breath in my second-hand smoke. Watch my lovely pink lips pulling on the ciggie while you jerk your cock under my instruction. Show nurse what a good wanker you are, look at my bottom, look at my cleavage… Good! You know how to please nurse don’t you? I think it’s time for you to cum. Jerk that cock hard and fast for me. Wank that cock for nurse while I finish you off by teasing you with my cleavage and long nails. That’s it, give me that fucking semen sample!

Sexy Smoking Nurse Video Clip

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