One Mistress, Many Subs

I wanted to write a little piece about the demands on my time after some comments and behaviours from a number of sub guys this week.

It is important that you know that I do not sit on Twitter all the time and I can’t always respond to my emails every single day.   I am a Mistress in high demand and most of my real time and online sessions are booked up in advance.   I have a small waiting list for my distance control and teamviewer sessions.  There are only so many hours in a day and I, like many others, have to find a balance between being a business woman and having a life of my own.  This is why I rarely take same day bookings for any of my services.  My diary is carefully planned and organised which means that on a daily basis it is full.  You are probably thinking that I don’t have time for you, that is not true.  If you are a sub who does their research, reads my website and books my time in the correct fashion, I will make time that is mutually convenient.   By making persistent daily demands, not reading all the information that I have taken the time to provide for you on my website or by not making your intentions clear, you are not going to get off to a good start and you certainly won’t be a priority.  It really grates my cheese when potential subs ask questions that are already answered within my informative internet offerings.   If you truly seek the real thing, a dominatrix who really knows every aspect of her business, you’ll show some respect and patience.  If you want a very quick fix then I’m probably not the right Domina for you. Although I do occasionally log into direct cam on adultwork for that reason when I have a little time, in which case I will tweet then you’ll have to get in there quick before everyone else does.   
I don’t just manage all my slaves, everything you see from my photos, videos, editing, twitter, Facebook, website, accounting, emails and all my bookings are all managed by myself.  I put in a lot of hours behind the scenes too.

I don’t often post writing like this, (getting things off my chest) but on this occasion I’m going to do so in order that I don’t have to keep repeating myself in emails and on Twitter.

Thank you for reading.

Part of me suspects that those who should be reading this will only see the attached photo and click ‘like’, LOL.

Mistress Deelight x