One Part of the Jigsaw – by Slave Sissy Mouse

Being one part of the jigsaw.

As many of you who regularly read Mistresses blog will notice that my weekly distance control write ups have been thin on the ground of late. The reason for this is that Mistress had been quite busy with her marathon training, work and real life. Mistress has also been very generous in allowing me some space to deal with things that keep happening in my life. I mentioned to Mistress just the other day that I seem to have spent the majority of this year with some kind of woe or another going on in my life. So this prompted me to think about my place within the House of Deelight and how all of Mistress’s slaves and pets fit together to form a collective jigsaw. Each of us having a role to play in her business jigsaw. Whether they be middle, edge or corner pieces we all play a role and I think that role can be fluid.

This made me think about my own role. At the moment I would say I am a middle piece, the reason for this is due to me not having a session for quite a few weeks so I am not providing Mistress with a contribution towards her income. I’m still in the box but not a key piece. I’m also not in the thick of the distance control at the moment and as such not providing Mistress with the amusement that comes from my bumbling when given tasks. This is why it is fluid because someone else will be an edge or corner piece right now and will be either contributing to Mistress’s income or amusing her by completing a task. This will then move on to someone else and before you know it it’s back around to you and once again Mistress’s main focus and a corner piece of the jigsaw.

As a long term client and pet of Mistress I sometimes lose my way and forgot my place (as was demonstrated in my recent write ups) and whilst this is infrequent it is dealt with appropriately by Mistress. There have been times when I crave a task but none are forthcoming and others when I have no desire for a task and one turns up and I have to dig deep to carry it out with gusto. I never forget that I am the slave in our D/s relationship and as such should always be very grateful for any attention I am granted. Just because I have served Mistress for a long time does not automatically grant me any special privileges, in fact I believe that the more devoted you are the further down the pecking order you go. This is to allow Mistress to concentrate on newer clients who will require more of her time as she encourages them to become regulars which in turn grows her business.

So to sum up by being none needy and desperate for attention we can all help Mistress and after my recent electronic slap round the face it’s something I won’t forget.

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