OwnedbyMD – Distance Control Journal – Breaking in Gently

OwnedbyMD is being introduced into the world of distance control in a gentler way.  He is sending me a weekly tribute and these ‘credits’ build up towards either a session, online play or for me to treat myself and my slave if I so wish.

This is my second blog for Mistress after the second week of the year and after having decided that my commitment to her should be more substantial. Here I am on a sunday afternoon watching the rugby, wearing panties, my cock (her property) in a cage and a very tight rubber corset under my clothes. We have also swapped some texts this morning on subjects including the size of her property (I think I know what that means and it’s not what I wished it meant!!!) and whether I may be allowed to have sex in my vanilla life.

Mistress continues to go the extra mile. I knew last Sunday that she was tired so I said I didn’t mind her not logging on to play with me. But she did and, seeing her in her underwear and listening to how she might use me in the future and instructing my orgasm …… it was an amazing moment to have been a part of.

Mistress continues to be understanding. Mid-week for me is quite vanilla so not much interaction. However, when i got home on Friday and powered up my laptop she was immediately on Teamviewer. And I mean Immediately. Again … not much interaction but the way she just hopped on to chat is amazing.

Yesterday she was busy and I was incredibly horny so I requested an orgasm. She was fine with this although I was told how I was to cum and with whom. Simple text this morning …. ‘how as your wank?’. Who else would ask this out of the blue?
I genuinely think (and hope) that Mistress sees me and her other slaves as equals at times. I dont mean in a sub/domme way … I mean in a human way. We are both driven by the same thing …. us serving a supremely sexy woman who knows (and enjoys) manipulating us. Making us hornier for her all the time.

Mistress has the control.

I am now so incredibly horny so will have to take my mind of things. I will see how Mistress may want me to serve in the future. I will definitely fix a date for a real-time session (February some time) and how i could be of use in her professional life. Possibly by being the subject of some film clips. I think it is important for Mistress to gain benefit in using me as i know she is very tolerant of my wants and kinks.

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