Paris – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

2 Weeks ago I had an hilarious session with Slave Sissy Mouse, following on from a session with my inflatable slave, Huw.  Huw wasn’t able to take his inflatable toys with his so I put them to use with my bumbling devoted slave which ended up being a double Domme session with a difference……. pink-latex-dress

Paris, the gift that keeps giving.

My latest visit to Mistress was for a very unexpected and much-needed CP session, it also turned into one of those day of days with fun and laughter enjoyed by Mistress and myself and still coming away with a sore bum. I doubt I can put into words the absolute joy of the session, it was one of those you had to be there sort of sessions.

I arrive and park up the road from the HOD with just a few minutes to spare due to the motorway being busy and thus negotiating my way through the side streets of Newport ensured at least I arrived just in time. I go through the door at my allotted time to be met by Mistress sat on her throne, busy on her phone looking fabulous as ever (luckily not wearing her new latex this time because that would make me a bumbling mess). I unload my usual offerings in the kitchen so not to disturb Mistress. Mistress immediately asks why I have not immediately crawled to her to present my tribute? I do this straight away (whilst still wearing my normal clothes) and apologise because I thought she was busy and didn’t want to disturb her. Mistress takes the money from my lips and starts to count it and this always makes me nervous that it’s all there. Luckily all present and correct and Mistress informs me that her last session ran late and she has not had time for a power nap and might just lock me in the bathroom and use my time to have a siesta. My reply is what Mistress chooses to do in our sessions is down to her (although I was looking forward to a caning but I am not in charge). Mistress then offers me her boots to kiss and whilst I am kissing them tells me that they have been rubbing against 2 cocks today and how lucky I am to get to worship them after. Once Mistress decides I have kissed them enough she tells me to strip and crawl behind her upstairs to the bathroom/mousey cage. Mistress tells me to go into the bathroom and roll up the bathmat because some ‘helpful person’ pointed out to Mistress that the last time I was lying on the bathroom floor I looked too comfortable on the mat. Whoever that was I hope you get the joy of lying on that cold floor one day soon! Mistress tells me to lie on my back and locks the fist mitts she has placed over my hands to the chain around the toilet, once she has done this Mistress informs me that I am going to have some company today. This induced a slight sphincter tightening moment as I have no idea what’s going to happen next. Mistress leaves the bathroom and returns with something I recognise Paris the inflatable doll along with an inflatable elephant. Mistress places Paris over my groin and the elephant on my chest, leaves once again and now returns with an inflatable banana, beach ball and ring. Mistress’s previous session was with Slave Hugh and Mistress thought I should be introduced to the wonders of an inflatable fetish. Just before Mistress leaves she also informs me that they have been used and abused so I could feel suitably degraded and reminded me that even inflatable toys are above me in the House of Deelight. So, there I lie looking up at Paris and her friends hoping nothing is going to dribble on me whilst trying to think up a catchy title for my write up. A short time later Mistress returns and takes a picture (see twitter) and makes sure I am not trying to have sloppy seconds Paris. Mistress leaves once again and I can hear her stomping around downstairs moving things about and whooshing canes. Mistress returns sometime later as is disappointed that I couldn’t smell her lunch that she had cooked and removes my inflatable friends to the bath and unties me.

This then begins the next stage of the session. Mistress reminds me that my message to her stated that I would very much like a caning and nothing else so that is what I will be getting. Since our last CP session when I experienced my first ever cold caning I am hooked, the challenge of dealing with it at the beginning is massive but once into it the place it takes me is indescribable. Mistress tells me she will only cane me if I beg her convincingly which I try to do but I just sound pathetic and just makes me burst out laughing at the futility of my situation. Mistress then gives me a scenario which works, which was if I don’t beg her convincingly the next time she public humiliates me it will be with me naked (I don’t want to do that or get a criminal record for public indecency) my begging was very much from the heart. Mistress then tells me that she will cane me today anywhere she chooses and with any cane she chooses in blocks of 12 and then after each block I will sit on the floor for 5 minutes and at the end I must tell Mistress how many sets and how many strokes in total and she has decided that if I get the total number of stokes and sets wrong at the end I will be taking Paris home fully inflated in the passenger seat of my car. I explain to Mistress that I have parked a long way up the road because there were no spaces close by. Even more humiliating for you then slave says Mistress! Mistress then sends me downstairs to the lie over the whipping bench and wait. The wait and the anticipation makes me very nervous. Mistress comes down the stairs with her an almost operatic entrance stomp puts some music on and tells me that she has put her entire music playlist on random so she could cane me to anything today and begins. The first 4 strokes of the can are unbearable and I think (as I always do) I can’t do this but I then remember I only must endure another 8 and this makes me relax into it. Once the first 12 are done Mistress takes a picture of her work and tells me to sit on the floor. Slightly painful but not too bad, it sit almost like a naughty school boy on the floor not daring to look up and just have the sight of Mistress walking up and down. Then Madness and the House of fun comes on and I start to do the madness dance whilst still sat down and this starts the whole fun and games of the rest of the session. Once the 5 minutes is up its back on the bench for another 12 and because of the gap I struggle again, more so this time because I suddenly need the toilet. Once completed I sit back on the floor and almost feel like I should raise my hand and ask Mistress if I can use the toilet. Mistress I convinced I am trying to get out of the caning (I wasn’t I was just busting for a pee) Mistress grants me permission and I must kiss her boots before I can go to the bathroom with the words ‘stay in the head space mousey don’t go into your bumbling self’ as I head upstairs. I duly return, thank Mistress for my bathroom break and sit back down on the floor. Once again its back on the bench for the next 12. Once finished Mistress tells me to go in the other room and sit on the floor. Mistress sits on her throne and we have a chat about this and that which allows me more than 5 minutes. Mistress is no fool and realises this and tells me to get up immediately and bend over the desk. This is a first for me I have never been caned bending over anything and wonder how I will cope. The next 12 are delivered with slight struggling from me and I sit back down again. The sitting down on a cold floor is quite soothing but it’s the getting off the floor that is now much more painful. I also admit to Mistress that I find the whole inflatable doll thing very humiliating which of course Mistress had guessed that and that was why she was doing it. For the next 12 Mistress tells me to stand at the cross but because there is not enough room for a swing the 12 are quite gentle. This time Mistress tells me to get the wooden chair and sit on that, Mistress then very kindly pushes on my shoulders just to help me enjoy my ever-increasing sore bum. For the next 12 Mistress tells me to stand in the door way and put my feet to each side with my hands up. This is when it goes wrong because I feel a bit light-headed and lose count. You may remember from previous sessions when I lose count Mistress starts again luckily we are only at 9. Mistress tells me to put my feet together and bring my arms down and makes sure I am feeling ok before starting again. I manage to count to 12 this time and Mistress tells me to sit on the floor and goes upstairs to use the bathroom. When Mistress returns, she is carrying Paris and tells me that Paris was wondering what was going on. Mistress then says she is thinking I should clean out Paris after her recent seeing too, I can only shudder and once again start laughing at the horror of it. Mistress then starts putting on a squeaky voice holding up Paris saying mousey take me up the bum. I forget my place slightly in the stupidity and say “that’s so not for me” and Mistress very firmly says “If I say you will take Paris up the bum you will” Yes Mistress sorry was my immediate reply. Mistress then reminds me that even an inflatable woman is still above me. It’s then back on the bench for the next 12 and Mistress places Paris in front of me so she can watch. Once the 12 is over Mistress tells me to sit on the chair and hands me Paris to cuddle and whilst cuddling her tells me to put a finger up her bum. Mistress then returns with her phone and takes a lovely ‘leverage’ photo of the happy couple and shows me it. I don’t know if it was the humiliation of cuddling a blow-up doll or the word leverage but at that moment I was very aroused! Once that 5 minutes is up its back on the bench and this time Mistress puts Paris in front of me once again and tells me to hold her hand for support. This stupidity of this makes us both laugh so much that Mistress starts to get neck and jaw ache and me waving goodbye to any chance of sub space (I really wish I could put into words how much laughter there was from our session) the next 12 duly delivered and Mistress props Paris at the bottom of the stairs and I sit back on the chair (now getting very uncomfortable) and I am met with the sight of a cane draped over one of Paris’s arms and Mistress standing the other side giving me the view of a most unusual double domme session and me asking Mistress if I need to give Paris a £100 for her participation? (cue more laughter). Mistress tells me to go back on the bench for what will be the last set and with the 12 duly delivered asks me how many sets and strokes. I reply 10 sets and 120 strokes plus the failed set and 9 strokes so a total of 129. Mistress asks me again if this is my answer and I say yes. Mistress of course has a different amount and of course Mistress is correct so I now face the prospect of carrying Paris out of the HOD and a long way up the road. As I count them now I can see it was 9 full sets so 108 strokes plus the 9 so a total of 117!! Mousey still bumbling!

After the final set Mistress tells me to clean the whipping bench of my filth and get dressed. I duly do so and wash up Mistress’s lunch dishes and contemplate the thought of taking Paris home. When Mistress returns after changing into her normal clothes she informs me I must take Paris home but I can deflate her because she has thought of a task for me (all will be revealed soon). With the then arrival of Mistress R’eal to be informed of the mayhem of our session. I load Mistress’s car with her bags and say my goodbyes to both Mistress’s and return to the real world with an inflatable doll stuffed into a carrier bag.

As always I would like to say a massive thank you to Mistress for another great session. Her imagination makes every session so different even if the theme is the same. Words will never be able to describe the fun this session was and most definitely added to by the presence of Paris.

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