Pole Dance Sparkle Task

Here we go again Slaves, you’ve all had a bit of a break for a while since the Louboutin Sparkle Task but now it’s time to open your wallets and help once more to enhance the ever blossoming, ever active lifestyle of your number 1 Mistress.  Over the past couple of months, Mistress has been getting her beautiful body in even better shape by learning to pole dance. I have already passed my level 1 but now I am at a point where I simply must have my own pole.  With all the sessions I do and work I put into keeping you slaves in check, I find it difficult to get to all the evening classes so I am having private lessons when I can and need a pole at home in order to keep practising my spins while toning and strengthening my gorgeous body. The more beautiful my body looks, the more wonderful your worshipping experience will be!  The pole is £250 and I also need cleaners and mats for it (£50). This is just a small task in comparison to  your previous ones, so it shouldn’t take you long to complete, my ever devoted little pets.

Send your contributions to, including your name and PD as the reference to:

MD Enterprises

Go to it slaves!

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