Presenting The Hypnobot – Mindless Human Robot – New Fetish Movie Clip

Today at the House of Deelight I am going to present to you a project that I have been working on. It is my aim to build a task force of completely robotised servants. It is also my aim that my taskforce are presented to the most immaculate and strictest of standards. And now I present to you Hypnobot Number 1.


Each hypnobot is given a number because they have their human qualities removed and replaced through the form of mind control, by robotic tendancies. Fully robotic programming. They must be immaculately presented at all times. Rain coat buttoned up, shoes polished, tie perfectly straight and a mask so that they are objectified so that I only see their total obedience at all times. Hypnobot_Introduction_ORIGINALFILE.00_03_44_22.Still002

This robot has undergone intensive programming through mind control and brain washing. So deep is his programming that I only have to say the word ‘sleep’ and as you will see it immediately falls into a sleep state ready for further programming. When I say the word ‘wake’ he is awake but totally brainwashed and ready for service. My hypnobots obey ever single command without question, emotion or hesitation as it should be. Hypnobots are kept in a constant state of arousal.Hypnobot_Introduction_ORIGINALFILE.00_04_36_02.Still004

They are programmed so that in the presence of their commander, the sense of arousal reaffirms the importance of their servitude and strict obedience. Have you got what it takes to be a hypnobot? You will have to give your mind to me for total reprogramming.


Introducting HYPNOBOT – Robotised Brainwashed Smart Obedient Servant to Strict Commander Deelight
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