Prisoner Gaz (450 369) – Judicial Punishment

In the Deelight Prison, there is a strict rule that inmates must NOT pleasure themselves.  It is a strict rule, put in place in order to reduce the level of testosterone and thus reduce potential unruly behaviour.  Unfortunately for him, Prison 450 360 did not learn his lesson after his first judicial caning, so he was ordered back for more punishment from my, Officer Deelight.

“It was my second visit to Mistress (Officer) Deelight. As I kneel on the floor of the punishment room, anticipating her entrance, eager to know what she’d be wearing, I trembled with fear and excitement. After a few minutes, Officer Deelght entered the room and I was instantly stunned by her appearance and authority. She was wearing a short black police officer dress, mesmerising silky black tights and black labouring shoes. Her hair and makeup were stunning – her gorgeous straight blonde hair flowing just below her shoulders. She’s slim & petite but stunningly shapely. She ordered me into the holding cage where she questioned me about my wrong-doings and then sentenced me to at least 36 strokes of the judicial cane. Her stunning appearance was taking my breath away. My pleads for mercy, and even an attempt at bribery, seemed to be making things worse for myself. After some stern words I was then released from the cage, stripped naked and shackled in heavy chains and cuffs. I was lead to kneel in front of her as she sat on her throne. She teased me with her nylon legs and I was so eager to touch her feet. She eventually instructed me to remove her shoes and then massage her feet. I did as instructed. It felt so good to finally massage her soft gorgeous feet with my hands. They felt so good. As I gently massaged them I couldn’t wait to taste them but had to wait patiently in anticipation. She finally instructed me to kiss them. I was in heaven, gently kissing and licking her nyloned feet. She allowed me to start kissing her legs. I continued working upwards, enjoying licking her silky nylons with my tongue as I continued to massage her feet with my hands. I didn’t want this to end… I could have continued forever. But she finally clicked her fingers and ordered me to stop. I was instructed to lay on my back. She then rubbed her feet onto my face and put her toes in my mouth. I was highly aroused throughout… but shortly Officer Deelight informed me it was going to be time for my punishment. She ordered me to crawl along behind her, at her heels. I couldn’t get enough of looking at her slim shapely legs.
I was then led to the caning bench and ordered into position. I did so reluctantly, all too aware that I’d soon be facing the hardest caning I’d ever experienced (this was only my second time after all). The thought of this was highly exciting but I was also genuinely fearful of how it was going to feel. Officer Deelight had already shown me the cane she was going to use on me, and it was the heaviest she had. I hadn’t felt it before and was now about to get far more strokes than I’d had for my first caning. Could I actually handle it? I hadn’t arranged a safe word so knew I was about to experience a severe beating with no way out. I knew Officer Deelight would be administering the full number of strokes full force and that 36 would be the minimum number. I also knew in the back of my mind that I might be getting a lot more…. but how many? What state was my backside about to end up in? How painful was this about to be? I was strapped down now, my fate was sealed. No way out.
The excitement of seeing Officer Deelight, looking incredibly sexy and authoritative in her silky black tights and uniform, was overwhelming. I couldn’t help admiring her body at every opportunity. The music began (Arctic Monkeys, Do I Wanna Know?) as Officer D began spanking my buttocks hard with her hands. This alone took me by surprise and began to sting considerably after a good number of slaps… but at least it warmed my cheeks enough to not have to experience a completely cold caning.
Officer D informed me that the caning would now begin and that I needed to keep count aloud, thanking her for every stroke. I needed to concentrate, as if I made a mistake, my punishment would start all over again. I genuinely had to make sure I did concentrate, as I genuinely didn’t know whether I’d be able to handle the 36 strokes (minimum) with this thick judicial cane, let alone starting again (and I knew this wasn’t just a threat). She wielded the cane intimidatingly, taking a few air swipes, before lining up the cane on my butt cheeks. She took a few taps, it seemed to take forever – my body twitched a few times (amusing her each time)… then the first stroke landed full force, a hot poker right across the middle of my cheeks…ouch, “one, thank you Miss”… more twitching, then five more in succession…. “two, thank you Miss… six, thank you Miss”…. these began to sting incredibly… how could I possibly take at least another 30? But I had to… I had no choice! The strokes continued to land… some were in close succession – these were the hardest to take, after a few rapid strokes my whole body would tense and I’d strain against the shackles… but some of the short pauses thankfully allowed me just enough time to recover. The last 10 strokes were particularly difficult to take. My body strained and wriggled incredibly but I had to continue to concentrate and keep count. Stroke 36 finally landed. What would happen now? The Goddess whose feet I’d earlier worshipped was inflicting all of this punishment on me – so painfully, yet so incredibly arousing. She teased me with views of her legs throughout. I was told I’d need to take at least another 6 strokes. Could I take it? I had absolutely no choice. I continued to count – 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42…. was this the end? As arousing as this was, to my relief I learned that this was the end of my punishment and my tethers and straps were being released. Wow, I made it. I had been released, my cheeks on fire and I was ordered back into the holding cage. I was chastised a little more and informed that I’d now be returned to my cell but warned that any further bad behaviour would result in even more severe punishment. ….”

What an experience!!

Prisoner Gaz

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