Problem Wanker?

Do you suffer from wanking issues such as obsessive compulsive masturbation?  Do you find yourself endlessly trawling the internet for your next self managed fix?  Are you locked away in a little room right now with your pathetic hard cock in your hand, tugging away like the little thing is glued to your palm?  Yes? You are indeed a problem wanker.  Do not worry, it is time to unburden yourself of the guilt and the shame.  Nurse Deelight has exactly the right treatment plan for you at my wank clinic.  To discuss your wanking issues, arrange a telephone consultation by clicking here. Calls will be payable in advance and charged at £1.50 per minute during office hours.  You need never feel guilty again, unburden yourself today; the answer to your problem is just a phone call away.


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