Public Humiliation: A Trip to Boots – by Slave Sissy Mouse

Devoted Slave, Sissy Mouse knows that when Mistress sets a task, he must ensure that the task is completed. He also knows that I take great pleasure and amusement in setting the tasks then hearing of the trials, tribulations and traumas my slaves have gone through in order to carry them out.  He is one of those slaves who will go to any length to see his instructions to completion and this latest task is no exception.  A highly amusing write-up from Sissy Mouse follows:

A trip to Boots.

 Its 9.15 on a Monday morning and I am sitting in my car in the car park of a large Boots store thinking to myself why I even mentioned this to Mistress.

My recent adventure started whilst chatting with Mistress after our Needles and Knives session back in May. Mistress was gently taunting me about our next public humiliation adventure (which has yet to happen due to stuff still ongoing in my personal life) and for some reason I mention about the Boots colour check service so you buy the correct shade of foundation. This of course was like a moth to a flame and Mistress without hesitation says “That’s your task mousey”.

So time has gone on with me getting more anxious about getting the task done and I finally have a chat with myself and just go. This was going to be more difficult because there was no back up. The shopping trip with Mistress back in January, whilst not easy at least I was with someone. This time I’m flying solo so into the store I go find the No7 counter and no one there! There are only 3 customers in this very big shop and all the assistants are busy stocking shelves etc. So I wander around the shop keeping an eye out to see if anyone goes to the counter. After what seems like ages but is probably a few minutes I lose my nerve and leave.

I return to my car and berate myself for not going through with it and just ask someone. Much as I try I just can’t go back in and drive off. I spend the rest of the day annoyed with myself and decide to go again after work.

My work day finishes and this time I think I will go to the Boots that is situated by Ikea in Bristol as that will probably be busier and I can blend in a bit more. Through the door I go find the counter and once again no one there. Bugger so off I go to get some supplies that I need so not too completely waste the trip and head back to the No7 counter and I’ve told myself that I am doing this no matter what. I find an assistant who is chatting to a security guard and as I approach she asks if she can help, so I have to ask the question “I need to buy some foundation but don’t know what shade I need could you do a colour check please?” whilst stood next to the security guard!! No problem says the assistant and asks the question “Is it for you?” Yes it is I say in as cheery a voice as I can manage and off we go to the counter. The assistant gets the gadget out of the drawer and tries to turn it on and it doesn’t want to switch on, finally it turns on and takes a reading. “Soft Rose” she says and then gets two sample shades to try. I try the sample on the back of my wrist it looks perfect and then she gets technical and offers me a choice of four different types and bamboozles me completely (probably the same feeling that some people have when I am trying to explain what’s gone wrong with their car and what needs replacing) I decide on the one that the sample came from and pay for all my items. I thank the assistant very much for her help and leave having no choice but to pass the very amused security guard.

As usual it’s always much worse in your head than in reality and the assistant didn’t bat an eyelid and was very professional and I hope she had a good laugh about it afterwards.

My thanks as ever goes to Mistress for encouraging me out of my comfort zone and even when she is not there she still holds the power.

Note from Mistress:  SOFT ROSE Hahahaha! Only you Sissy Mouse!

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