Puffy Pig – Distance Control Journal – PLUGGED!

Mistress Deelight has asked that I provide a report of my experience for her blog.  Here it is.

This morning, I was ordered to don my pig tail plug, a plug harness, my muzzle and write on my chest, “Mistress Deelight’s scivvy”.  I’m not sure what a scivvy is, but I spent a good 10 minutes trying to get that written intelligibly onto my chest. It’s surprisingly difficult to get a pen to write on my skin.  It must be because I have oily skin.  In any case, after getting that on there, I proceeded to the plug.

The plug is a pin Bon4 number of a substantial size with a curly pig tail hanging off the end of it.  I’m a bit of a butt slut, so it wasn’t overly difficult to get in there.  Because of the tail, it’s definitely not a plug that I can really wear anywhere.  I like it though.  It gives me a very full feeling and always puts a smile on my face when it seats itself properly.  As it’s fairly large, and has a lot of material on the outside of the plug, it’s a good idea to keep it in there.  Next came the plug harness.

This plug harness has a strap that is meant to go around my waist.  Then a strap goes down between my legs and up the backside.  The front sports a largish cock ring, which allows me to pass the boys and my cock cage through.  There is a butt plug keeper (not usable with this plug due to the tail) and then the strap meets another buckle at the back side, which allows me to tighten things down.  Which I did, as I really don’t want this coming out.  It’s proving quite difficult to keep one side of the plug under the strap to keep it in though.  I shall do my best.

Finally, we move onto the muzzle.  This is an elaborate and strappy device meant to keep the wearer from opening their mouth and thus making any noises.  It has a buckle behind the neck for the collar portion.  Then a few more to suck the muzzle portion onto my face and finally one on the top of my head to really ratchet things down.  It makes me feel good to have it on and I really wish that I’ll get to wear it with someone else in the room at some point, but the thought of Mistress watching from afar will do nicely for now.

As it’s laundry day, Mistress has ordered that I do the laundry while crawling and wearing the plug, harness and muzzle.  Luckily, my wife helped me get through 2 of the 4 loads of laundry before she left, but it’s still going to be challenging.  Just writing this blog post has taken me several minutes to write as I can’t sit on my chair and can only half see because I can’t wear my glasses with the muzzle on.  This is going to be a challenge, but I’m happy to complete it for Mistress Deelight.

It took me a few minutes to find a description for scivvy on google… need those glasses.  And in this case, it is an apt description.  Thank you Mistress.