Punishment For Slave M

My most hardcore and trusty slave, Slave M, got a little bit bratty with me recently and as a result he was put on a 3 week wanking ban.  Unfortunately for him, he failed after 6 days so he was punished in his own domain for failing so miserably.

After a warm up spanking he was given 50 hits from my leather tawse, before suffering an enduring session with my pink pvc flogger and my own home made, metal chain flogger.  Fortunately for him, he is a hardened masochist slave and submitted extremely well to me.

My fellow Mistress Geminia, offered some input and as we are such good friends I wrote her name on his back with a little bit of blood that had emerged from his shoulders.  What a good slave.


Very few slaves that I know can step up the challenge of the metal chain flogger, it is a seriously hardcore piece of kit.  Are any of your brave enough to face the challenge?