Pupp’s Chastity Blog – Week 2

Last week I introduced you all to Pupp, and thus follows his thoughts concerning his second week in Chastity:

The first week in chastity passed in great comfort. I have been surprised at how natural the control feels. This is a testament to those guiding me, their experience and the time that we have all spent on the project. The device fits snuggly with no rubbing and the physical restraint matches the mental effect from the enforced captivity.

There is more though: feelings of care and management by Miss. She nurtures life changing developments, adding small steps until I look back and find that a permanent modification has occurred. As an example of Miss gently forcing reconstruction of the human into trained HOD recruit, Miss built upon Owner’s requirement for me to wear panties every day by introducing the use of female deodorant. Miss also challenged me over a variety of lifestyle issues: clothing, diet, attitude – each with a sentence here and them , dropped in to test why I think and act in various ways. She is honing me as with all HOD recruits; it is obvious that her aims are deep, reaching further than I can hope to appreciate at this stage.

Meanwhile the locking quelled my physical desires and boosted my appreciation of female beauty. Whilst certain urges recede others grow, such as the desire to work harder on projects as required for Miss and Owner. Also domestic tasks are dealt with earlier in the day and completed more quickly. Of course appropriate clothing is worn, with attire dictated to me.

Miss was very generous in providing visual stimulation during the week. A clip showing her tormenting a fortunate submissive (preview below) sustained me and proved that such stimulation from Miss is very effective. Indeed as the attraction of other females in general wanes the attraction to those that control me increases markedly.

One unexpected chastity bonus is that when my mobile vibrates in any pocket the chastity device vibrates too. This is so effective that the chastity device has become the signal that my phone is ringing.

Finally for now I found time to read about the requirement for servitude to include inner significance with an intended consciousness of union with the Woman. Miss instills unity, she demands a quality of response from me that forces my subjugation to her will, union with her way – long may this continue. Thank you Miss.

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