Slave Training – Pushing Limits

A few weeks ago I wrote about Slave S, you can read the post here.  Well before he left for his travels around the world he visited me for one last session so that he can push his limits even further.

I began the session by testing the slave to see what he’d learned during his visits…


IMG_6414 IMG_6413

Next time to get him all tied up….


I wanted to testing his breathing skills with some more severe breathplay; clingfilm wrapped around his head with just a little hole for his mouth that was perfect for me to cover with my hand for as long as I wanted….


It didn’t take much for me to see how much he enjoyed having his life in my hands….


A pecker ripe and perfect for milking…..


Now for the ultimate test of strength… post orgasm CP.


I wanted to test his endurance and self discipline by seeing how much punishment he could take after he had cum.  For most slaves, the submission to pain is easier with the promise of reward at the end; however on this occasion there was no promise of reward as the reward had already been given.  It is much much harder to be on the receiving end of a cane, with nothing to look forward to at the end.  However, the ultimate reward for Slave S, came in the form of self satisfaction.  The knowledge that he had pushed and exceeded his personal limits.



I am pleased to say that Slave S excelled in his final lesson.  Previously he had managed to bear 6 lashings from the single tail whip, he found the single tail very challenging and was left shaking with adrenaline as he channeled the pain.  This time he pushed himself beyond that, and may I remind you, this was after he had been milked.  This time he took 8 lashes.



I asked Slave S to write a piece for my blog before he set off on his travels, to express his journey so far from his point of view.  Here is what he wrote, I hope you will enjoy reading it.

My Journey:   Visiting Miss Deelight for the first time was genuinely one of the most nerve wracking experiences of my life. However having now attended four sessions with Mistress, all of which have been simply incredible, I can look back on that first visit as one of the best decisions I have ever made!  Crossing the threshold for the first time knowing the kidnap role-play ahead of me I was absolutely terrified, not that I had much time to think about it as I was soon stripped, gagged and bound to a cross.  My journey had begun. Because of my initial nerves I was barely able to say anything except ‘Yes Mistress’ during our first session however it was still an amazing experience, I left feeling on top of the world and the only thing I could think of was when I would look to session with Mistress again.  Though now I am far more confident around Mistress and as a result I get more and more out of each session.  The thing which has most surprised me so far is the fact that I actually enjoy cp, going into this experience I only really fantasised about the more sensual side of bdsm and was predominantly looking to explore bondage and breathplay/facesitting. However once I experimented with cp at Mistresses’ request I found that having my limits pushed was actually one of the things I enjoy most about sessioning. It’s not that I enjoy the pain (though going into subspace was quite a trip!) but more that I enjoy making Mistress proud and also  the sense of achievement gained after pushing way past what I thought were my limits. Serving Miss Deelight has been such an enjoyable, rewarding experience and I hope that my experiences so far are just the first of many; I cannot wait to see what Mistress has in store for me next!

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