Reasons to Visit #17 – Homewrecker or Home Saviour?

Your wife or girlfriend doesn’t understand your needs.  You do everything for her but she never gives back.  She won’t even entertain your desires let alone have the understanding to really fulfill them and that leaves a great big hole in your sexual being.  You know what you want, you know what you need and guess what? So do I.  In fact I know you better than anyone, even than yourself.  I know my power, I know my intelligence, and I know my sex appeal.  I use all of that knowledge to dominate and control you.  To hook you in and to keep you coming back.  You love your wife, I get it.  You don’t want to leave her but it simply isn’t fair that you should go through life being miserable without your needs being met.  She is selfish, but so am I.  I won’t put out either but I’ll do it in such a way that you will never want me to do so because you are just overwhelmed by my stunning sexuality and that is enough for you.

You can visit for a private session, you can serve me on webcam via Skype, you can call me for phone domination or you can order a custom fetish video.  Distance is not an excuse for inability to serve me.

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