Recovery, The Next Step and Public Masturbation – by Slave Taquin

This blog was submitted to me on the 15th November, but as you all know that due to moving house and the run up to Christmas I am behind on my blogs.  I am going to work through catching up this week but my introductions will probably be shorter than normal as is this one! You will remember that a month ago, Taquin visited the House of Deelight and we discovered that his Chastity device had caused him injury.  This write up was written a week later…..

Those of you who have been following my blogs will know that things didn’t go to plan last week. My session had to be abandoned as we discovered that I had done some damage to Mistresses property through wearing the chastity device. The first few days of this week have been about sorting out the physical problems concerned and trying to get my head straight following such an unfortunate outcome. (Whilst it is not a huge issue and therefore I do not wish to make too much of it, it is worth covering in this blog as it has created something of a ‘speed bump’ in my fetish life).

Physical: The damaged area has now started to heal. It has been kept as clean as possible and much antiseptic cream has been applied to ensure that infection has been kept at bay. It seems to cope ok with the infrequent erections that I have experienced but I suspect that it will be a little while yet before I feel confident enough to take a good grip of it (if Mistress ever allows it!). It is clear now that I have done some damage and that I will always have a small lump to act as a permanent reminder of my stupidity.

Mental/Emotional: It has been something of a thoughtful week for me. Inevitably I was disappointed to be unable to enjoy the session that I had looked forward to so much, but I also had to think about the implications of the damage done.  As I live within a non sexual relationship the immediate impact on my vanilla life is negligible. None of us knows what might happen in the future however. If I ever did enter into a sexually active relationship again it is likely that I would have to explain the unusual lump/scar (mind you it could be a good thing and force me to be more honest about my submissive needs!). From a fetish perspective the outcome is likely to be that physical chastity will no longer form a part of distance control. In all honesty it is too early for me to say whether or not I will ever feel as totally owned and controlled as I did when Mistress had me locked up.

One thing that I really appreciate about being the Slave of Mistress Deelight is that, if you show your commitment to her, she will look out for you through thick and thin. This last week has brought this sharply into focus. Despite the fact that she has been preparing for, and then undertaking a house move, Mistress has contacted me daily to check on my progress both physically and emotionally. This really is important in this type of D/S relationship. I have no one else to turn to. Mistress occupies and is in sole control of my fetish world.

As the week has progressed I have continued to heal. This has helped both physically and emotionally. Five days on from the aborted session and I had my first horny night. This doesn’t seem to aggravate the damaged area and so I text Mistress to tell her the good news. I take the opportunity to ask Mistress if it would be ok for me to check to see if her property still has the ability to cum. The answer was a swift ‘no’, immediately followed by a wonderful picture of Mistresses perfectly shaped backside! Mistress suggested that it was too soon to risk messing with the healing process. As always she was correct. Her response did make me consider the power of the word ‘no’ when used correctly. For me it is probably the sexiest of words that Mistress can use.  ‘No I wont stop’, ‘No I wont untie you’, ‘No you cant cum yet’, ‘No I wont let you breath’, and anything similar. It shows in a simple and straightforward way who is in charge.

Mistress asked how her property was healing and told me to send her a picture. I did as instructed. We agreed that it had actually healed remarkably well. Of course I had witnessed this process as every day had gone by. For Mistress it was more of a surprise, as the last time she had seen it was when she removed the cage at the HOD. Whilst it will never quite return to its original state it is amazing how well the human body can repair itself. It seemed that this was something of a milestone for Mistress as she moved effortlessly from a position of concern for the welfare of her property to one of telling the person who caused it to be damaged in the first place that he was going to be punished for what he had done! Whilst I know that I have absolutely no influence in such matters I have to say that this does seem somewhat unfair considering the pain and worry that I have endured. But ‘fairness’ has never formed part of my development as a slave of Miss Deelight.

On Thursday I got the news that I had been waiting for. Mistress asked if I was available to attend the HOD the following week. She gave me the option between 2 days. I chose the soonest one! It is now nearly six weeks since my last orgasm. In actual fact it has not been so difficult to cope with over the last few days. I have been nursing a damaged cock and Mistress has been moving home. In the past I might have thought that I would never be horny again, but now I know different. Mistress has the ability to turn me on, or off, as she so chooses. Some things in life are now totally out of my control. This is one of them.

My early morning text the following day confirmed that I was going to have another peaceful day to get on with life. Mistress was still busy with sorting out her house. It was whilst eating my lunch that I realised that I had let my guard down too easily. A text came through that informed me that Mistress was using TeamViewer to access my laptop that I had left switched on in my workshop. I quickly finished my lunch and rushed back out to the workshop. Mistress was waiting for me. This is the thing about TeamViewer, you don’t have a choice, as you would for phone or skype, as to whether or not you accept a call. Mistress can just visit you whenever she wishes. Another element of control is stripped away from the Slave. Today she wanted to chat via the notes page on my screen. Mistress told me that she had been on my pc for ages. I have offered myself up to Mistress as her TeamViewer guinea pig and so I am pleased that she has taken advantage of my PC being on, but at the same time it scares and excites me in equal measure. I have no idea what she has done and therefore my degree of vulnerability has increased further. We chat for a while and Mistress takes the opportunity to wind me up about my session next week.

Later that day I found myself in an exchange of texts about extending my distance control contract to Jan 2017! Within the space of an hour Mistress has defined her terms and I have meekly accepted. At this rate I will soon be asking Mistress for a life membership of the HOD. In the same exchange of texts Mistress sets me a task. She tells me that I wont like it, and she is right. I am to go out in my car, find a quiet parking spot out in the country, park up and masturbate for 5 minutes. Whilst doing so I am to think about the fact that Mistress has me ‘over a barrel’. A pretty straightforward task you will be thinking. Well not for me! I hate the idea of doing such things outside of the safety of my home, and Mistress knows this.The next morning I did as instructed. I had spent some time the previous evening wondering where I could go. In the end I just drove along a country lane that I thought shouldn’t have too many walkers or cyclists and pulled into a reasonably well concealed field entrance. I checked to see that I had a reasonable view up and down the road, looked over my shoulder to check that there wasn’t a farmer in his field and started my 5 minutes of masturbation. This was the first time since July that I had held Mistresses property for the purpose of providing myself pleasure. I had been in the chastity device up until our last session and since then had not been given permission to touch myself in this way. Despite this it took almost 2 minutes for the pleasure to commence (that is how uncomfortable I am about this type of task). When the pleasure did kick in though things moved along very quickly! Within moments I was on the edge and fighting hard to control myself. As much as I wanted to orgasm I knew that I mustn’t. If I had I would have been honour bound to tell Mistress, and I know what happens  to a bad slave in these situations!

I completed the task and drove home, realising once again the total control that Mistress has over me. Only a few days now until I step into the HOD again. How wonderful!

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