I have got some very special cigarettes. Smooth delicious, Black Russian Cigs; black with a gold tip. I am going to smoke this cigarette and as I do you are going to find yourself becoming weaker. As I draw on my cigarette I am going to draw you in until you find that you can’t take your eyes off my lips and off my cleavage. You are going to find yourself becoming more and more mesmerized, weaker.

Are you ready to become seduced by my smoking?

Watch the smoke as it passes through my lips. You love it. The more drawn in you become, the more addicted you are going to be (to me).   You are going to be addicted to my website, addicted to my videos and ultimately addicted to me.

As I am drawing you in, I am draining you. I am going to drain you. I am going to break you and then only I will be able to fix you. You are going to become so intoxicated that you won’t be able to get enough of me

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