I have decided to put my Casa Padrino Baroque Throne, Giant Majestic Armchair up for sale.  You can view its details and *the for new* price on Amazon here. I am asking for £600 for it but I will consider sensible offers.

Slaves, Piggies and Devoted Submissives of other Dominatrices, this is a great opportunity for you to impress, so read on!  This will make a beautiful, Smoking Chair, Fetish Worship Chair, Erotic Furniture addition to any Femdom Chambers.

I had every intention of keeping it and using it in what will be my ‘Black Room’, however, since then my plans for the room have changed and I have my eye on 3 different, slightly smaller items that will all add to the fun and glamour of the darkest room and my dark mind. 

The throne has been the pinnacle object at the start of many of my real-time sessions over the years. Sitting upon it grandly, while my slaves’ dribble, slither and worship at my feet after having made their entrance and stripped off their clothes in front of me.  It really is a beautiful, robust and eye-catching piece of furniture that will compliment any professional dungeon or kinky playroom.  It has many stories that it keeps secret and will keep all of your secrets too!  

Now here are few things you MUST consider and take note of if you are interested:

  1. It isn’t called a GIANT throne chair for no reason! The measurements are as follows:
    • Height about 190 cm
    • Width about 95 cm, I would say that it seems much wider than this with the armrests.
    • Depth about 72 cm
    • Seat height about 51 cm
    • Slave Sissy Mouse had to remove the patio doors to get the chair into my old chambers.  (He probably could have taken the chair apart but didn’t want to risk fucking it up).
    • It certainly WON’T fit through a normal sized door. If that is your only option, then you would have to take it apart for sure.
  2. The Throne weighs around 60kg and is made from Solid Wood, with a beautiful gold finish.
  3. It is covered with a fine, soft velvet fabric which has been steam cleaned, along with the rest of the item.
  4. There are slightly faded patches on the armrests and seat at the moment, however, I will be refurbishing those before it leaves me.
  5. If you would like to come and see the item you are welcome to do so, I am just down the road from Bristol in North Somerset. Either way, if you intend to take it away with you I will expect immediate payment and you will most certainly need a van!
  6. If you would like your MISTRESS to view it via face-time, rather than travelling distance to view it, then I am happy to speak to her by that method.
  7. If you are unable to collect the throne in person, it is your responsibility to arrange a courier to do so but bear in mind that I won’t have the packaging needed to protect it.  Couriers will be arranged by you at your own risk.   As a last resort, I do have access to a van and may be able to deliver to, providing full payment has been received in advance and a sensible delivery fee negotiated, but if you live outside of England or Wales, this will not be an option.

I am also going to be selling me beloved Fetters of Warick, Tall Cage as I’ve had the most amazing idea for turning a small room into a cage in itself!

If you are interested in either item, please email me MISSDEELIGHT@OUTLOOK.COM and put ‘interested in items’ as your subject line.

Thank you for reading!