Sent to the ‘Quiet Corner’ – By Slave Taquin

Sometimes you Slaves are you own worst enemies!  I am sure that Slave Taquin has been suffering from withdrawal this week as Mistress was hit with yet another round of the flu.  This time it totally knocked me off my feet for the best part of a week so my contact with my slaves has been minimal. I do so hope that Taquin, along with all my other distance control pets has been making the most of his temporary because all that is about to change!  Slave Taquin has been a busy boy sealing his own fate……


Digging ever deeper before being sent to the ‘quiet corner’…..

How far can one become enslaved to another person in a femdom led relationship?

Much further than I could ever have imagined!

I thought that I had dug myself a big enough hole already, but then I found myself hovering on the brink of an even deeper and darker ravine. At the end of the previous week Mistress and I had started to communicate on the subject of Teamviewer. This is a whole new subject as far as I am concerned. I had first encountered it when I found myself on the website of a certain Mistress Harley based in the US. Goodness knows how I landed there but I did. Now Mistress Harley is a Findom who prides herself on her ability to control a slave by taking over his computer using a program called Teamviewer, amongst other things. Without sufficient thought I sent a text to Mistress enquiring if she was familiar with it. Far too quickly she responded with a couple of ‘devil’ icons and telling me that she had indeed used it before but was looking for someone to ‘hone her skills’ on. I of course said that I would be happy to help her with this, and only then started to consider the potential consequences.

I am never sure of the audience of these blogs and suspect that most of its readers are already familiar with such things, but for those who are not familiar let me explain what I have learnt so far. Teamviewer is a free program that allows a remote user to operate another persons PC. Many IT companies now use similar software to help us out when we have problems with our PC’s at home or at work. Having agreed to a Teamviewer session with Mistress I started to research further how it was being used in the Femdom community and more importantly what it could allow someone with Miss Deelights distance control skills to do. I began to realise that it is the ‘weapon’ of choice by many Findoms. I also began to realise why….

Here is what I understand Teamviewer allows a Distance Control Mistress to achieve:
1) Take control of a subs computer remotely.

2) Become the ‘administrator’ of the computer concerned and making the sub sign is as a guest (therefore it becomes her computer).

3) Activate the PC’s camera and watch what he does at all times.

4) Turn off the Slaves screen so that he has no idea of what she is doing or whether or not she is actually there watching him.

5) Load on keylogging software to capture sign on and password information.

6) Read all of the slaves e mails.

7) Copy the Slaves contacts list.

8) Post to his Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin if the Slave is not being compliant.

9) Keep tabs on the Slaves internet browsing.

10) Restrict the slaves access to his own porn files or the internet.

11) Access the Slaves internet banking/paypal/amazon

12) Set tasks and record the whether or not the Slave does as he is told. (The Mistress doesn’t even need to watch! She can just fast forward through a recording at a later time to ensure that full compliance has been achieved).

And, I am sure, so much more besides.

It was only once I started to realise its capabilities that I started to see the deep chasm opening up in front of me. We rely so heavily today on technology for so much of what we do on a day to day basis. For a Mistress it provides complete access to a Slaves life, both fetish and vanilla. Whilst it is sometimes used on a ‘session basis’ (i.e. for a defined and short period of time) the most effective use seems to be when a slaves computer is locked down for the long term. In the wrong hands it is dangerous and potentially devastating. In the right hands it provides a tool to control and manipulate slaves like no other.

Mistress started to taunt me with a series of e mails that talked of Blackmail, Chastity and Teamviewer. She knows precisely which buttons to press and how to turn me into a quivering wreck. I cant remember how many e mails I received (I even received one to read and consider whilst walking around PC world!). Mistress was obviously on a mission to wind me up, and Wow how it worked. One particular e mail got to me so much that I started to physically shake. This is true distance control. Monday and Monday night were most uncomfortable. Tuesday continued in much the same fashion.

And then on Wednesday morning I got the text from Mistress telling me that she might be able to commence on Teamviewer that afternoon. Waves of fear and excitement passed through me. I sent an instant, and ill considered, response to Mistress. I quickly sent another one trying to ensure it arrived before she saw my first one. It wasn’t much better. 30mins past and no response from Mistress. I worried that I might have annoyed her. I sent a further e mail. A little later Mistress responded by teasing me further with thoughts on bondage. And then it all went quiet.

I had already loaded up Teamviewer on my PC and tested it out through the app I downloaded onto my I Phone. (I should have added that on as number 13 – Mistress doesn’t even need to be at her desk to watch or manipulate her slaves!) I looked at my PC and considered taking off anything I didn’t want Mistress to access. But I didn’t. What would be the point? Mistress already knows enough about me to ensure my enslavement to her. If she wants me to help her to hone her skills she wouldn’t thank me for presenting her with a stripped bare and sterile PC. My browsing history was rather too full of Teamviewer and Findoms for my liking, but hopefully Mistress would realise that this was just as a result of trying to understand the hole that I had dug. I got on with my work and tried to concentrate on other tasks. Lunchtime came and went and I rushed back to my workshop and my PC. I continued with my work and waited for the text to ‘ping’. Maybe Mistress would send me an e mail to say she was ready for me. I checked it frequently. The afternoon wore on. I found it progressively harder and harder to work. People came in and interrupted me. Problems cropped up that I needed to resolve. A friend offered to come up and help me with a job – I asked him if he could help the following day instead. I sent a text to Mistress enquiring how her day was going. I felt like I was stood outside the HOD waiting to go in, but Mistress was still too busy to let me in. Torture! In the end I sent one text to many. The final response from Mistress was that we would do Teamviewer another day. She felt that I was getting far too wound up and that it was for my own good.

Mistress had sent me to the ‘quiet corner’ to calm down.

The result was to transport me from the excitement and anticipation of contact with Mistress back to everyday life in my workshop. I did come down with a ‘small bump’. Why? It wasn’t because we weren’t going to be able to do Teamviewer that day. Mistress had only said that it was ‘a possibility’. The reason was that my texts to Mistress that day had given her the impression that I was incapable of taking any more torment or teasing. It is of course the thing that I crave most. It was my fault that she was going to stop. What an idiot I am! Yet again I told myself to think for a few moments before texting. (Does anyone know of an app that would prevent me from returning a text before counting to 100?).

I was left in the ‘quiet corner’ for the whole of the following day. By Friday morning Mistress had obviously decided that I had had long enough to calm down. The subject of butt plugs, and then facesitting, started to feature in her texts. And funnily enough I started to perk up also.

My morning text to Mistress on the Saturday informed her that I was off to the Cheltenham races that day. Mistress told me that I should put on 3 each way bets on horses whose names were topical to her/us. In the end I chose 4 horses and informed Mistress that any resultant profit would be donated towards her I Mac sparkle task. The horses names?

1) Devilment

2) Fox Appeal

3) Miss Serious

4) Some Are Lucky (referring to me of course)

I kept Mistress informed of progress after each race. The cumulative out come of the 4 bets? A £2 profit!!

I am sure that I will have to top that up to something more meaningful before I see her next. Of course I bet on other races and other horses (and did no better with those) but the horses I shouted for the loudest were those backed for my Mistress. She had ensured that she stayed as my highest priority even when I was on a day out. Serving Mistress can be fun as well as torturous.

We never did find the opportunity to spend time on TeamViewer. Hopefully we will next week. I must conclude my blog this week by sharing with you the thing that got to me most in the last 7 days. It wasn’t a picture or a task but a simple set of words. Mistress uses words with clinical precision to ensure that I know my place. Here is the line that made me shake with fear earlier in the week:

 ‘With you, there is no invisible line between fantasy and reality. Not any more.’ So true…


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