Chastity and Keyholding

NO WANKINGChastity isn’t for everyone, however if you’ve found this page you are already a step towards taking on this challenge.  Not being able to touch ones tackle, can fill the male with all sorts of strange emotions that he may not be used to feeling, however giving up the ultimate control of his cock to a dominant female and completing a time in chastity can also be incredibly rewarding mentally and emotionally.  If you would like to read more about the experiences of some of my chaste slaves, click here.  The responsibility of being a key holder is to nurture, push and encourage the chaste slave towards reaching his goal whilst also taking full advantage of having control of his cock.  In order to push, one must tease but one must also guide and nurture when the slave struggles emotionally.  I have a collection of chastity slaves, all of whom put their faith and trust in me as a professional dominatrix.  If you are ready to take the big step into relinquishing control of your cock, to a sexy, dominant woman, then take a look at my chastity contracts (specifically for distance/online chastity control) and complete the application form below.

diamante chastity lock

(I also offer real time chastity sessions, where you will be required to visit me in person once a month for a session, to apply for this please use this alternative application form by clicking here)

You will need coded plastic locks which you will then lock on via Skype Webcam or FaceTime or by sending a picture via text.

At the end of your chastity period you will have a Skype Webcam session (or facetime or text) in which I will give you the unlock code and tease you until you are relieved.  During your term of chastity you will be required to text me every morning.  I offer the following chastity contracts, to apply please complete the application form below.

1 Week Contract –  £80.00

1 Month Contract – £200.00

Ongoing Real Time Contract – £130.oo per month minimum*

Real Time Contract – Committed to one real time session per month of minimum 1 hour (£130).  Real time lock up and key holding, Tease, Denial and Play


To apply for a chastity contract click here to contact me. State your level of experience and the length/type of contract.


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