Distance Control via SMS

“One thing that I have learned about myself however is that, much as I enjoy a warm conversation and gentle banter with Mistress, the thing that really gets me going is strict and uncompromising control”

“Mistress is capable of making me literally shake with fear

“It was so difficult, and painful, to stop just before an orgasm was about to erupt. And a horny and sleepless night commenced.”

“This simple phrase, laced as it is with the threat of torments to come, makes me tremble with fear and excitement!”

distance control

Do these comments fill you with excitement?  Do they make you want to give up your control to me, but you can’t wear a chastity device because of personal reasons?  Or do you simply want some extra stimulation and contact with your mistress to brighten up your dull days?  I now offer a distance control service via SMS (or email), in which I will control your orgasms, or lack of them, on a daily basis for committed and trustworthy slaves. This service will also suit slaves wanting motivation for fitness, and like all my other services it can be tailored to suit your fetishes.   If you have always been excited by the idea of chastity but can’t go the full hog, this service is ideal.  Available for £80 for one week you will receive daily instructions regarding my ownership of your cock depicting when and how you are allowed to touch it, you will also receive free views of some of my fetish movie clips, and other exclusive content that would normally be pay to view.

*I can also offer the same service at the same fee on a more intense level for 1 day

You can read more experiences from other SMS slaves here.  When you are ready to commit, read the following rules and then complete the application form below.


  • You text/email me in the morning by 8am politely asking for your days instructions and then you wait for my reply. It might not be for a few hours if I am in a rush to do morning real-time sessions.
  • You carry out any instructions and reply to them at the given time or when completed.
  • You understand that whilst most days will be eventful, some days wont and that is all a natural part of being under control.
  • You keep a daily diary about your experience thoughts and feelings – this will be published on my blog.
  • You must provide an email before you start, depicting your social and work habits and available kinky toys and clothing.

To apply for distance control via sms click here to contact me.



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