A Shocking Experience by Slave Sissy Mouse

Yesterday, Slave Sissy Mouse came for a session.  A session which I found to be utterly hilarious, so much so that I urged him to write a blog about it, pronto! Due to his excitable haste there are plenty of grammatical errors to be found however I don’t want to wait for the several re-drafts that would follow so I am going to post it in all of its deeply excitable glory!



A shocking experience.

My latest visit to Mistress and the House of Deelight came a luxurious two weeks after my last session but started a week ago just after I sent Mistress my weekly journal.

Because I was busy on the Sunday I wrote and submitted my Journal on the Saturday evening. As it was Saturday evening I didn’t expect a reply let alone some instructions for my session which was at that point a week away but as we know Mistress does like to play with a submissives mind. In the message Mistress told me to bring the leggings and tops from our shopping trip in January 2015 (after being bought they have sat in a bag taunting me) and I am to send the session payment via bank transfer. Mistress being very aware of my recent ups and downs assured me it would be fun and not to let any doom of what might happen cross my mind. Luckily those feelings of doom have now passed and I reassured Mistress this was the case but that it wouldn’t stop me spending the week nervous. This never was the case because I had such a busy week that my session didn’t really cross my mind until Friday evening and as such I didn’t get a great deal of sleep.

Saturday arrives and I message Mistress to confirm that I will bring diet coke, water, the leggings and tops and a suitable subservient attitude. Mistress replies simply ‘Wonderful’ and then around an hour later tells me to also bring my new shiny butt plug harness. (You can read a bit about this in my week 58 journal). I duly put all the items I need in the car and wait for the clock to tick around. Mistress then sends me another message with instructions of what I am to do when I arrive at the HOD. They are come in lock the door, go to the medical room and strip. Gather all the items I have brought with me and return to the dungeon room lay them out and wait kneeling with my face on the floor, once I have done this I am to announce to Mistress that I am ready and wait. I really enjoy starting a session like this because my head is in the session straight away. When I arrive I do as instructed and go upstairs, I can hear Mistress on webcam in the bedroom so try to do everything quietly and go back downstairs lay the items out and announce to Mistress that I am ready and wait. I have no idea how long this was but it did give me time to wonder what was happening today. Eventually I hear the door open and Mistress come down the stairs with a distinct and deliberate thump on every stair building up my anticipation. “Good afternoon mousey” says Mistress as she arrives in the room with an almost regal tone. I greet Mistress the same way, still with my head firmly on the floor. I have to be honest I don’t really remember anything until Mistress tells me to look up at her and I know this word is over used but WOW bloody WOW. Mistress is dressed in some new latex and it looks amazing on her. I am not one for shall we say looking around the eyes but this is so well made and cut that you cannot resist being drawn to admire Mistress’s gorgeous body and curves. I compliment Mistress on her outfit as she turns in front of me to give me a full view. I also love the way Mistress stands in front of me admiring herself in the mirror, to me I see this as reaffirming her utter unattainability. What I also think is Mistress is wearing latex so the leggings and tops must be a red herring and we aren’t going out (how wrong I was).

Mistress then instructs me to crawl behind her to the bathroom (or in my case the mousey cage) as we enter Mistress tells me that there is none of her special refreshment for me today and I thank Mistress once again for sharing her nectar with me last time. This time Mistress puts the mitts on my hands and tells me to lie on my back and attaches the mitts to each side of the toilet giving me the view of the toilet from underneath. Mistress mocks me by saying I am now even below the toilet in the HOD and she hopes I enjoy my stay at the Hotel Deelight. With that Mistress leaves with an ‘enjoy’ and goes back to webcam. A while later Mistress comes back in to check I am ok and that I am enjoying my view to which I reply that ‘it is most picturesque’. Once again alone and I still think that the leggings and tops are a red herring until Mistress returns again but this time the latex is gone and Mistress is looking equally fabulous in normal clothes. Oh no is what I think I said and Mistress just looks at me undoes the mitts and tells me to get up slowly and gives me my next instructions. I am to retrieve the items that I have brought put on the butt plug harness and the black faux leather leggings and colourful top and put my own clothes over the top. It takes me a while to get the plug in that is attached to the harness (we haven’t done much anal wise and I’m a bit tight to say the least, even more so when I have no idea what’s going to happen next). I finally get it in put on the leggings and top and await the usual Mistress laugh because I of course look stupid. Put on my normal clothes and gather in a bag lots of items that Mistress has placed on the bed. These are a strap on harness with a very big dildo, Mistress’s boots, a gag, blindfold and lots of rope. Mistress then tells me we are off for a walk in the woods and hopefully we won’t get caught but if we do it won’t be as embarrassing for her as it will be for me. At this point whilst I am very nervous and quiet I am also very aroused at the thought of doing this and what Mistress might have in mind. Mistress then produces the shock collar and places around my neck with that evil grin in her face and checks it’s working. The buzzer works and the beep but I can’t feel the shock until Mistress turns it up and my reaction as Mistress said ‘was like someone having a stroke’ once Mistress is happy it’s working fine she puts on her coat grabs her camcorder and tripod and we leave the HOD and get into her car and head off on my mystery tour with me being very quiet and slightly sheepish. Once we are in the car Mistress tells me she has seen a sign for some woods nearby and hopefully it won’t be busy otherwise we might not be able to do what she has planned for today. As we drive along the road a sign for woods comes up on the left and in we go only to find that it might be an old sign because it’s now the entrance to Celtic Manor and there is no sign of any woods no matter what road we take. We are surrounded by woods but seemingly no way to access them. After a while Mistress decides to give up and then announces that she has another plan and we head back to the HOD. I think that my luck is in and we will be doing something nice inside but oh no! once inside Mistress informs me of her new plans we are both going for a walk towards Newport town centre and gives me instructions on what to do if the buzzer goes off, which is to stop walking and just stand until the buzzer goes again. Mistress then tells me that I will be either walking in front of her or behind so that there is no association. Then to add to the horror Mistress decides she should hide the shock collar around my neck with a lady’s scarf and ties it off so that the ends drop down over one shoulder. With another laugh Mistress informs me to leave the HOD and walk to the left and keep walking. Just around the corner from the HOD is a car wash with people milling about and this is my first hurdle. I feel red with embarrassment and the scarf looks odd for all to see but I walk past and no one gives me a second look but that still doesn’t take away the feeling of humiliation. As I walk towards the town centre it inevitably becomes busier and every now and then the buzzer goes off and I come to a stop. I then wait for the buzzer to go again before I can walk on. It must look odd for a someone to just stop in the middle of the pavement whilst trying not to stand out wearing a pretty scarf. At one-point Mistress stops me and catches up to tell me that I am not stopping immediately and make sure I do from now on and walks off leaving me standing there until she is a fair way down the road. Buzz and I am off all the time Mistress is also zapping me and I have to try and keep my composure. As I walk along Mistress then stops at the river bridge and as I walk by not acknowledging her she says that the muddy river banks would make a lovely boot worship place. I pass by more people and still no one gives me a second look and now having to stop dead if the buzzer goes off which is so humiliating because it looks weird. Mistress once again catches up with me and tells me to cross the road and walk towards the riverside. Once I cross the road the buzzer goes and I stand there for what seems like ages frozen to the spot. Mistress once again walks past and into the distance and once again buzz and I am off. I am now heading alongside the river and there is even more people about with my lovely scarf now flowing in the wind. I might has well have had a flashing look at me sign on my head. I get buzzed again and wait and look around and Mistress beckons me to turnaround. I follow once again at a distance and Mistress has gone towards the underpass. As I arrive Mistress is waiting with some new instructions. When the collar vibrates I am to move my arms like a chicken on the walk back to the HOD. I set off on my own once more and wait for the inevitable vibration and it’s not long until it happens, I feel so utterly stupid and keep walking it then vibrates again and as I do it a second later a police car drives by, at this point I just want the ground to open up. But there is around another half mile of this but still even doing the chicken wings no one seems to notice. As I walk towards 4 youths drinking I think to myself this is where it’s going to happen but still nothing. The thing about public humiliation is you don’t enjoy it at the time you just want it to be over and never more so than right now. As I walk back with Mistress still far behind me someone is walking behind me so I stop to cross the road and I get my first strange look. As I cross the road I get the vibrate again but with people walking towards me I just can’t bring myself to do the chicken wings anymore. At this point I just want to go inside and curl up in a ball and rock. Finally, I arrive back at the HOD and wait for Mistress to catch up. When she does she has the biggest grin on her face. When we get inside Mistress cannot contain herself with how much fun she just had. She did think that walking along on her own belly laughing was probably stranger than me doing chicken wings.

I just had to sit down (which was slightly uncomfortable due to the butt plug) and hold my head in my hands. I really love public humiliation but only after it’s finished. Mistress was really buzzing from it and worryingly states that this is her new favourite activity and looks forward to doing much more. Mistress then asks me if I watch impractical jokers (which I do and hoped Mistress had never seen it) and says that a small Bluetooth earpiece would work brilliantly with the forfeits for failure being big financial or painful consequences. I just sit there and try to take in what’s happened it seems so minor but the embarrassment was massive. I’m pleased that Mistress had a great time and that my squirming brought her joy but I couldn’t do this all the time.

My session ends with a nice relaxing DIY job of building a plastic drawer set and then not being able to find one of the pieces. Then back to normality with massive aching bollocks which is either from the harness not being adjusted correctly of being so turned on by being degraded and humiliated. Either way I hope I have lost weight this week.

As I write this the day after I can enjoy the experience much more and as Mistress said yesterday look forward to the pending day in the woods. Next visit two weeks’ time so watch this space.

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