Sissy Cross-Dressing Erotic Hypnosis Recording

Here is a free preview of my new hypnosis recording available to purchase at my clip site.  If you would like to purchase this recording on permanent download or on a CD please contact me.

This mp3 recording is written for those gentlemen who wish to explore their inner sissy and cross dressing fantasies in the comfort of their subconscious mind, in a deep state of relaxation. This audio recording contains a full induction and will take you into a deep trance and will allow you to safely and comfortably accept your inner Sissy desires and it will allow you to feel how good it feels to cross dress however your subconscious mind wishes to do so. I will take you into a dressing room, allow you to say good-bye to your male self and then allow you to dress in the sexiest lingerie and female attire of your choice. You will experience how sensual, how erotic and how sexy all this clothing feels in the first edition of my deep trance recordings.

Purchase my audio clips from my clips4sale store:

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