Sissy Daisy USA – Distance Control Journal

Monday March 27th

Today was a lovely introduction this is going to be more legit than i thought. Having to put in and take out a plug all day made for some interesting transitions in between clients. At the end of the day i believe i really started my training to be completely service orientated. Waking up at 5am to make coffee…. something feels very right about that. A bullet point of the day was the strap on video… it started off making sure i knew my place and ended up letting me know i could end up sucking a real cock. This does not upset me the way i would think it should. Somehow i decided to mention electronic domination, i have definitely got to stop that. my mind is going 100 miles an hour

Tuesday March 28th

Today everything started into action. Making the morning coffee and a portion of my wife’s lunch, kissing her feet when she arrived home, doing so in a similar maids outfit while wearing heels, what is very nice is my wife is going along with it all very well and really enjoying it. Huge bonus. Plus i got to wake up to a foot worship video, a small slice of heaven. Today i had to punish myself however having never done that before i did it wrong. Definitely not something i want to do again. If i ever do swats ever again definitely bare bottom from now on. i got to beg for a spanking tonight, and got the acceptance. we are scheduled for saturday night that should be very interesting

Wednesday March 29th

So today i got to pack MM’s lunch today that gave me a sense of accomplishment. Then i learned i was going to be dressing up as my female self on my way to the office that day and wearing the same outfit while having lunch, OUT IN PUBLIC. Fantastic and horrible all at once. my heart races like mad just thinking about it. Lunch went better than i anticipated. i even stopped for lipstick and the shop girl was nice to me.I NEED TO STOP BRINGING UP MY PHONE. Came home and rubbed MM’s hands because she was too tired for anything else. Shaved off most of my masculine beard and my pits and legs tonight.

Thursday March 30th

The morning wake ups are getting easier. The more i serve the better it feels and the more i wish to do.Today was all about becoming who i was meant to be my better female self. The male part of my personality is gruff and largely irritating and no one that fun to be around so this is soooo much better for me and i am super lucky to have Mistress to guide me there. i got to wear my more natural clothes again this evening and made dinner for MM in them such a lucky day. i also learned a small amount about lipstick. my favorite phrase of the day is “sophisticated lady sluts”. That is what i am letting out of her prison from my subconscious. It feels pretty amazing.

Friday March 31st

Everything today was great. my female self got to be way more out! even wearing a plug to the gym, along with my sports bra and panties. Then Mistress asked for an email of my chore list…… HOLY SHIT. I rushed to get the list sent, i am afraid i know what this turn of events has in store for me. Will i become nothing but a service sissy? Once again not even not as upset as i thought i would be, but not upset. Period. i am kinda hoping Mistress sets me a chore list. my female self seems to be a better worker than he ever was, but i do so much better and faster when Mistress tells me things. Now i get to wear a service collar. MM loves it and greatly approves. The best part of today is when Mistress sends me a video!!!! Talking directly to me. It was significantly special.

Saturday April 1st

Today was a busy day out and about all day. i got my toes all pretty and pink!! Not a lot going on today working on the balance of my female self and letting her stay in control. Until i ended up having a very silly conversation on twitter… once again about giving up control of my phone. It really is a thrilling idea. So very extremely tempting. A way to actually completely lose control of something. i wonder though… what then…? When that rush fades, where do you go from there. What is the step up from there. A large part of my concern is that is how i run my business and that is in the medical profession all of my clients names are in there and by giving up access to them i would be breaking HIPPA and could have many other legal problems. Also i use my phone to keep me from being bored while actually performing my job so that would be extra unpleasant to not have it available. This will definitely require some actual deep thought. my big task for today was to write a story….. i hate writing so this actually more of a punishment than Mistress probably realized. i do believe i did a pretty good job though. i guess i will find out on monday. Now…. on to serve MM and then receive my first spanking in 30 years

Sunday April 2nd

Last night was great. That is a story for another time. i actually got my goatee died pink today that is rather a nice touch. But it was the only thing fun that happened today. i spent all day working on my taxes, no fun at all way more complicated this year. My service shoes did show up. That was nice.