Sissy Humiliation and Punishment with @MistressReal

When we receive reports of a male member of staff, offending his colleagues by wearing inappropriate behaviour in the locker rooms, myself and Mistress Real have no other option than to pull the said employee into our office  for instant disciplinary action.  We were both surprised when the pathetic little sissy confessed to his crime in a rather arrogant manner and thus. we took great pleasure in the humiliation and suffering that followed.  Forced to strip in front of us, the sissy was dressed in delicate black lingerie and stockings with a neat little red seam up the back.  Only appropriate, we thought, to find him a pretty frilly dress to match.

Once dressed, the sissy with its perfectly spankable, slim little bottom; was put over our knees for a good old-fashioned spanking before being strapped down to the whipping bench; legs, arms and back restrained tightly as we administered 12 strokes of the paddle, 24 stings from the riding crop and 6 strokes of the cane each.  Finished off with a bonus 6 strokes from Mistress Real, just because she could!

The little bitch took its punishment well, but that wasn’t the end! No one comes into the House of Deelight or R’eal Stable and gets away with a simple punishment!  That pathetic sissy cock, needed to be reduced to nothing more than a clitty.  You dress like a sissy, then you must have a sissy cock too!  Strapped into the ‘electric chair’ heavily restrained from head to ankle, a further punishment of electric cock and ball torture and simultaneous breath restriction was delivered to the now very submissive little sissy faggot bitch.

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Think you can handle 2 Dominas at once?

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