Sissy Isobella’s Shopping Trip and Make Up Tutorial Session

I thought that I had blogged about Sissy Isobella’s first visit in which she received her new sissy name but I can see that I hadn’t so I will include those pictures with this blog too.  Isobella visited me for the first time in February having requested a feminisation session.  It soon became apparent that my new resident sissy had been exploring the world of cross dressing for some time and that the feminisation aspect features on a much deeper level in her psyche so we have began a process of long term gradual feminisation which involves the transition from wearing male clothes to the involvement of a lot more feminine clothes and new daily habbits. You can watch my video below to see me discussing the day’s events then enjoy the pictures of both her first and second session.  The more gothic attire being from the second session as this is Isobella’s preferred style of clothing.  I’ve also included a written account from Isobella herself. At the House of Deelight you can embrace your closet feminine side in all its glory and take it as far as your girly heart desires!

Sissy Isobella’s Shopping Experience with Miss Deelight

I had been looking forward to my session with Miss Deelight ever since I booked it 3 weeks ago.

When I arrived after a long 2 and half hour drive, which went really quickly as I was so excited with the prospect of showing Miss Deelight the items that I have been buying.

After showing Miss Deelight all the items I had bought, we started discussing what I wanted to get on our shopping trip.

Once a list was made, Miss Deelight wanted me to wear some lingerie underneath my normal clothes. So I put on a bra, suspenders & stockings, knickers and the butt plug I had bought.

We then went into the city and started off by getting lots of make-up items. We got one of the cosmetic assistants to measure my skin tone and help us get the right colours, I took this in my stride and wasn’t fazed by it at all.

We then moved on to get some everyday panties and negligee. We chose a nice black one with some lace round the neck, I am going to try it tonight and really looking forward to it.

Time was pressing on, so we went back to the HOD where Miss Deelight gave me some make-up tuition. I realized putting make-up is quite hard and time consuming, she gave me the task of putting my make-up 2/3 times a week to get used to it.

Once I had my make-up on, I put on the clothing Miss Deelight had chosen for me to wear.
We then moved the dungeon where Miss Deelight took some very nice photos of me in various poses.

After that I then had to remove the make-up, which was easier thanks to Miss Deelight’s choice of make-up remover.

Miss Deelight told me that I was to stay in my lingerie and keep the butt plug in for my journey home. I am pleased to say I did manage it but was glad to take the butt plug out when I got home.

I look forward to our next session together and I hope you all enjoy reading this.

Sissy Isobella
Miss Deelight’s gothic cock sucking slut

What a happy Sissy she is!

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