Sissy Ivy Returns to Serve Miss Lady Pink and I.

Sissy Ivy returned last week for the next stage in her transformation from ‘Old Man’ to ‘Mature Sissy’ and what a transformation it is! Dressed by myself in suitable feminine attire for her age, Sissy Ivy met Miss Lady Pink and I gave Miss Pink the opportunity to do take on her first ever sissy transformation and make over.  She did a very good job and Sissy Ivy is no longer recognisable from her former identity, Slave Johnny.  Because this is a public website and to protect her identity I have obscured her facial details slightly, but you can still  see the fun we all had!

Step One – Dressing the Sissy and locking her in chastity, as all sissy’s should be!

the-transformation-of-sissy-ivy (4)

Step Two – Make up by Miss Lady Pink

the-transformation-of-sissy-ivy (20) the-transformation-of-sissy-ivy (18)

Step 3 – The Transformation

the-transformation-of-sissy-ivy (21)

Step 5 – Nails

the-transformation-of-sissy-ivy (23) the-transformation-of-sissy-ivy (25)

Step 6 – Spanking the Sissy!

the-transformation-of-sissy-ivy (7)

A Sissy punishment followed, but I still need to edit the videos!

Finally – Some girly fun!

the-transformation-of-sissy-ivy (3)

To book your Sissy Transformation either with myself or with my sexy female slave, Miss Lady Pink complete the application form here.

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