Sissy Jessamine – Distance Control Journal – Week 1 of 3

Sissy Jessamine has crawled back to the high heel clad feet of her Mistress after a very long time in hiding. (They always come back eventually).   Sissy Jessamine has joined my ever growing stable of slaves who crave the daily contact and attention with me, even if it’s just for petty scraps. A little text here and there to brighten up their otherwise dull days, or a full on set of instructions to send them into a whirlpool of dizziness and dribbling pre-cum.

One of the rules attached to my distance control service is that my slaves must submit a weekly journal or diary for my website blog; this allows me to keep the service at an affordable price by enticing other dribbling wrecks into the pit of despair!  Some of my pets find it hard to express their feelings and thoughts. Writing the diary helps my controlled slaves to grow and develop in this area and it shows willing and dedication. I am always proud of them for this.


Here is Jessamine’s first entry:

Day 1

I woke up early, excited to start my first week serving Mistress Deelight. I sent my morning message and awaited my reply. Mistress requested me to write a detailed sissy fantasy of mine, whilst my cock and ball was tied up and a butt plug inserted. I went to work for the day and though about my sissies fantasies all day, which got me very hard for the most of the day. I finally get home and got some rope and my butt plug out. It didn’t take me long to write the story because i thought about it for most the day, but took me long enough to feel the strain of the rope on my cock from getting hard at the though of the story and the butt plug filling my ass. I sent my story to Mistress, where she ordered me to edge my self and not to cum, which i found very frustrating before bed.

Day 2

I sent my morning text and eagerly awaited a response, but didn’t reserve one until later that afternoon as Mistress had a busy day. She checked to see if i followed my instructions and told me to wear my chastity to bed. I text Mistress that evening to let her know that had i had my chastity on, which she replied, “good” and was just about to get fucked by her boyfriend, which made me instantly hard at the thought.

Day 3

After a restless night sleep in my chastity, i woke up and sent my morning text. Mistress told me to wear my chastity for the day, whilst wearing pansies. I quickly got ready for work and picked out a pair of black panties for the day, and supplied a photo for Mistress as requested.. Half way through the day, Mistress sent me a beautiful picture of her self, which instantly made me hard and my cock bulging out of its cage, which Mistress was pleased about. That night Mistress told me to keep my chastity on again that and to see how long i could last which left me nervous.

Day 4

I sent Mistress my morning text and nervously awaited my response, she text me in the evening after a busy day of sessions, she asked how my nights sleep was, which was better than the nights before, and it all went quiet for the evening.

Day 5

I sent my morning message, and Mistress inquired if i was still wearing my chastity. I informed her i was, and Mistress wants me to beat my record of seven days, which i agreed to. Mistress the informed me she wanted me to have some butt plug time and insert it for an hour. I got home from work and thought id wear the plug whilst cleaning. I slid the plus into my ass, imagining Mistress fucking me, which instantly made my cock bulge in my cage. I had trouble keeping it in whilst moving around the house, so every now and then i had to slide it back in. It was the longest time I’ve had a plug inserted, and started to feel uncomfortable, but i continued to please Mistress.

Day 6

I woke up to a morning text from Mistress, which brighten up my day from the start the start. Mistress asked how my butt plug experience was and if i had nipple clamps. I told her i did, and asked me to text her once I’ve finished work.

Day 7

Again woke up from a text from Mistress, asking where my text was. I informed her i had some things on my mind and need some time to my self, and she asked if everything was ok and told me if i ever need time again just to tell her, which she was very understanding about it all. Around lunch time Mistress asked how her cock was and i told her it was all locked up and wanted to come out to play and was leaking pre-cum. Mistress then sent me a sexy photo of her self and to rub my balls and make her cock suffer for her. My cock was suffering without the need to touch my balls and was already leaking from the thought of the picture. Mistress was pleased from this news and the pre cum was sign of weakness and devotion to her.

What a great first week, Thank you Miss Deelight

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