Sissy Maid Spanking for International Male Chastity Day – New Fetish Clip

International male chastity day here at the House of Deelight and with me is my very loyal servant who is serving a long term chastity contract. And because of IMD he isn’t going to be allowed out of its device. Normally he gets let out once a month for inspection and cleaning but that isn’t going to happen today because all boys need to be locked up and have their little cocks controlled by powerful women such as myself. And what’s more, because it is male chastity day, my little slave here is being ordered to do maids service wearing this pretty little maids outfit. Isn’t it adorable? That’s how all boys should look; pretty! It is also wearing mandatory girly panties to be worn on a daily basis. Feminisation and emasculation to remind it of its position at all times. Beneath the panties; Mistresses locked property. It will remain this way for as long as I see fit. My maid is going to change this lightbulb and then take a spanking over my knee.


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International Male Chastity Day – Sissy Maid Chores and Spanking
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