Sissy Maid’s First Paddling – New Fetish Video Clip!

My Trainee Sissy Slut is back for her second visit.  This is sissy slut Lucy.  You will have seen her on previous clips receiving her first spanking and sucking a strap on for the first time. Well this little Sissy wants her cherry popped, but in order to have that pleasure, first of all she has to do something that I want to do. It is all about give and take.  I want to take her to the next level. It was a spanking to start with, this time I am going to use a paddle on her lovely, little, soon to be slutty, ass!.  I am not going to go too hard on her just yet. My subs have to work up to those levels and they find that they always want more. They always want to feel mistress’s wrath in the nicest possible way, because they are here for my amusement and pleasure.  Lucy has come to me for training and since she is a newbie, it means I can groom her to the way I want her to be.  Because this sissy is a complete newbie and has never had a paddle across her backside before, I will first use my left hand so that the impact is softer. I don’t want to scare her off, I want her to enjoy it and become addicted to it so that each time the boundaries and limits are pushed.  I will give this sissy 12 strokes with my left hand giggling and praising my dear little sissy as I administer each spank, while she counts each and every one.  I like to nurture my sissies, I like to watch them develop and flourish.  My training is nurturing and uncompromising.



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