Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

Ever devoted and infamous slave Sissy Mouse is the latest submissive to sign up for my daily distance control.  It’s perfect for all of you who want a little bit of daily communication from Mistress with the added twist of being set tasks and challenges to brighten up or put fear and excitement into your day (whichever way you choose to look at it). Part of the requirement of my distance control is that my slaves submit a weekly journal to share their carefully tailored experiences with their fellow submissives and fans of my blog.  Here is Sissy Mouses’ first entry:

Its Miss Deelight who knows what’s going to happen…..

Yes those words are running through my head as I start to write my first weeks Distance control diary on Saturday and it doesn’t start until Sunday morning. That along with “don’t let me down mousey” will, I think be my mantra for the next two weeks.

A text message from Mistress two days ago merely saying “tick tock mousey”, sums up what I am expecting and as I have stated before, with Mistress always expect the unexpected.

Day 1 (in a Marcus Bentley voice) Sunday 16th

After a slightly sleepless night I woke and sent a text to Mistress and await her reply as instructed. About 5minutes later Mistress replies informing me to dig out the clothes we bought during our January shopping trip and to await further instructions after Mistress had enjoyed her coffee. I thank Mistress for her reply and get up.

I retrieve the clothes and go about my day with “why do I need the clothes?” running through my mind. The morning ticks on and everytime I get a text message I jump, strange how normally if my phone goes off I don’t even think about it but that all changed today. It’s Sunday which unless I am working usually means a visit to my Mum and Sunday lunch. I arrive as usual to that lovely smell of roast dinner and go about doing some things my Mum wants doing but because I am in a nervous state awaiting my instructions from Mistress, I am bumbling about and getting in my Mums way whilst she is cooking lunch which ends up with me getting a telling off from her!!! Which does make me smile and I think that’s got to go in the diary.

After a nice lunch and with my jobs done I leave my Mum and return home. The evening passes by and still no message from Mistress so I think two things either the text has gone missing or Mistress is just playing mind games with me, I assume the later and go to bed.

I awake the next morning turn on my phone and receive a text from Mistress saying she has had a hectic day and simply forgot to text me and instructs me to send my morning text. Which I duly do….

Day 2 Monday 17th

On sending my morning text to Mistress and informing her that I had assumed she was playing with my head. To which Mistress replied that she wished she had now and had not sent her text!!

Mistress then sent another text informing me to put on my chastity device which is not like a usual device as this one locks through my pa piercing mainly because my balls run away and the ball trap device doesn’t work for long. Along with this I am to wear my lovely pink leggings which were purchased for the day out with Tammy Tampax back in December. I duly do this and send Mistress photographic evidence as requested. I then make the stupid mistake of asking if Mistress would like a photo from my work place. To which I am firmly reminded Mistress is in control and will decide what she wants and when she wants it. Oooops sorry Mistress was my reply.

So off I go to work. I am a mechanic so its lots of manual work bending over etc so as Mistress said in a text the chastity device is a constant reminder of her control. Which it was everytime I moved or bumped into something I was reminded of Mistress and her control.

Later in the day Mistress sends a text saying “now send me two amusing pictures from work in your leggings. Car bonnets spring to mind” now I share a unit with another guy so I have to wait until he goes home before I can take the pictures. Strictly for research purposes I google “car bonnet poses” and try and mimic the results. I take a few and send what I hope is the best or in fact stupidest of the two to Mistress and await her response. Mistress replies with rofl and lots of smiley faces so I guess it worked. Mistress sends me her last message of the day informing me to sleep in the leggings and chastity.

Thank you Mistress for a very enjoyable day.

Day 3 August 18th

After a much disrupted nights sleep due to the chastity device but also the leggings which made me hot in the night. I awake and send Mistress my morning text. Mistress replies and informs me she too hasn’t had much sleep but hers is due to going to bed late. Mistress informs me to remove the leggings but keep the chastity device on for now.

Today is also my return to the HOD after a break of some 7 weeks so the goings on from our session will be the subject of another write up. It will be strange to visit Mistress whilst also under distance control.

Day 4 August 19th

I awoke today from slightly disturbed nights sleep not due to chastity that came off during yesterday’s session but from my souvenirs from our cp session.

I send Mistress my morning text and she replies enquiring how I slept, how I am feeling after our session and also how are the marks on my back. Mistress also gives me my task of the day which is to dress in sissy clothes and video myself replicating the Queen video I want to break free if you don’t know it.

I have a busy day ahead and this task is going to take some time so I ask Mistress if I could postpone the task until the next day when I have less on. An agonising two and an half hours later Mistress replies “that’s ok”. I spend the rest of the day fretting about not being able to do the task as requested for which I am sure there will be consequences.

Day 5 August 20th

After another restless night, due mainly to the bruises from my recent cp session but also the angst of not completing my task on the day requested. I awake and send Mistress my morning text and thank her for her understanding in postponing yesterday’s task and confirm it will be done today. Mistress responds saying “I look forward to seeing it” I’m thinking I hope it’s worth the wait.

Around lunchtime I get myself ready as instructed and set everything up and record my performance on my tablet. Task completed I then try and email the video to Mistress, the file is too big so I then spend an hour trying to get the file off my tablet and finally work out how to send it.

I send a message to Mistress to inform her, the task is done. Mistress responds “asking me if I had enjoyed my task?” which of course I have. Hopefully it will amuse Mistress as it wasn’t the most polished of performances!

Day 6 August 21st

Another slightly restless night from my sore bum and I awake and send Mistress my morning text. I inform Mistress that I have a busy day and a family event to go to in the evening. Mistress responds around an hour later with my instructions for the day. I am to edge twice before 6pm and go to the family event with POMD written on my cock.

I thank Mistress for my instructions and start my day by doing edge number 1. Now that was a mistake I have edged before but it seems when you are under instructions from Mistress the whole experience is more intense and it took me ages before my erection would subside and I could go outside and go to work.

Mid afternoon and Mistress sends me a message to say she has watched some of my video and is very amused and will watch it in full later. About an hour later I get a message from Mistress just saying ROFL so I think she liked it.

I inform Mistress that I have done my two edges and also add that after just these two I can fully understand why Slave Taquin chose chastity. I don’t suffer the need for an orgasm on a regular basis in fact I managed 6 months with no orgasm once but edging for Mistress is a whole new experience and its made me incredibly horny and desperate already.

I finish my day go home get ready write POMD on my cock and go out for the evening carrying that writing with great pride.

Day 7 August 22nd

I finally awake from a night of little sleep. The edging from the previous day really got me worked up and I just couldn’t get any decent sleep.

I send Mistress my morning text and receive a reply enquiring how my evening was and informing me she would send my instructions later that day. Lots of time to let my mind run riot as to what’s in store for me today!

Just after 10pm Mistress sends my instructions “spank yourself 20 times with a wooden spoon on each cheek” so after a long day I relax with a wooden spoon and spank myself as instructed which is another first for me. I thank Mistress and confirm I have carried out the task.

All that is left to say is Thank you Mistress for week one and the tasks you set me, looking forward to week two………



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