Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 10

Slave don’t always seal their own fate, their desperate fantasies often provide ammunition for me to fire at other unsuspecting slaves when I’m feeling particularly evil and want to put them in a state of mental chaos.  Sissy Mouse had mentioned blackmail in passing to me a while ago, only to have his suggestion dismissed because it wasn’t my thing at the time.  But I always like to explore new things when I feel the time is right and as Taquin has been fuelling my deviant mind with his talk of teamviewer, I decided that I would put the fear of GODDESS into Mousey! *Wicked Evil Grin*.  The result, which wasn’t included in his write up below, was an email from what I imagined to be a snivelling, sobbing wreck of a slave informing me that he was at breaking point.  I hadn’t even done anything.. just a couple of texts and a brief phone call was all it took! HA HA HA!

Distance control journal week 10

Day 1 Sunday October 18th

This week starts with me having a very lazy start to the day due to little sleep after last nights chastity fail.

I awake late and message Mistress with my news and inform her that I have some family stuff to do today.

Mistress replies and wishes me a nice day and that from tomorrow I am to wear my chastity device during the day to remind me of her (not that I need any reminding).

Day 2 Monday October 19th

Starting the week at again 15st 3lbs nothing on but also nothing off!

I start my day today with fitting my chastity device and then carry out my exercise. I message Mistress to confirm this. Mistress replies with “Glad you put your device on”

As the morning goes on my balls get sore and start to burn and as much as I try to move them about it doesn’t get any better and then in an eye watering moment my left testicle pulls itself through the ring. Another fail and I message Mistress to inform her what’s happened. The reply I get back is “Your balls need punishing” I reply that to be fair they have already punished themselves and me.

I am trying the new short cage from Uberkinky and its just not working so I go back to the old device which is a little more roomy which Mistress thinks is far to generous. I fit this at 2pm and see how I get on. I message Mistress at around 7.30pm to inform her what has happened.

Day 3 Tuesday October 20th

Once again I get up fit my device and carry out my exercise. I message Mistress to confirm as always and inform her I have a very busy day and wish her a great day. I get a reply back that I was not expecting and put me in a right state for the rest of the day and from now on. It said “I’m glad that you’re still trying to proceed with chastity. You know you need that constant reminder that I’ve got you by the balls. It seems that blackmail maybe a way forward now as Taquin digs himself a very deep hole! So you better look out! Lol have a great day” Well this has completely thrown me and I am literally shaking with fear. I message Mistress this and she replies with “I know”

I spend the rest of the day a total mess with how did this happen and fuck running around my mind.

I message Mistress later in the evening and thank her for my day in Chastity.

Day 4 Wednesday October 21st

As is the norm this week I get up fit my device and carry out my exercise and message Mistress that today I have my workshop to myself. I get a reply back saying “oh you have your workshop to yourself do you…..” I confirm this and get my next message “I want you to masturbate in your grubby loo today at noon while thinking about Mistress controlling you and your life! Don’t cum but do edge. Then use a pint of ice water to cool your cock and put your device back on” I thank Mistress for her instructions to which she replies “You are so very welcome” Mistress then sends me a DM on twitter of someone holding a very big box with a picture of a sex toy inside clearly displayed and says “I might make you do that!” I thank Mistress and inform her that really has helped me relax.

At noon I do as instructed and once again almost self ruin it was that close. I dip my cock in ice water that has been in the freezer which does the job but it also makes my balls shrivel up to nothing. I message Mistress that I have done my task but I am going to have to pop home to warm my balls to get the device back on. I just get back “lolol”

I manage to coax my balls out and refit my device and break for lunch thinking about what sort of shit storm is coming my way. This thinking turned into a total melt down later in the day.

Day 5 Thursday October 22nd

I carry out my now normal routine of fitting my chastity device and carrying out my exercise. I message Mistress and hear nothing from her today.

Day 6 Friday October 23rd

As is now my usual routine, get up, fit chastity device and carry out my exercise. I message Mistress to confirm this and also that I have a busy day working with my mate. Mistress replies with “I am sure you could squeeze in a lunchtime edge and have macaroni cheese for lunch cos I know how much you love it”

So not only do I have to eat a horrible lunch I also have to explain to my mate why I am having it as he knows I hate cheese but he does know about my adventures with Mistress. I tell him about the lunch and this amuses him greatly even more so when it comes to lunchtime and he enjoys the look on my face with every mouthful. Every time we have been to a shop since he picks up a macaroni cheese and just laughs at me!

After lunch I message Mistress to thank her for choosing me such a lovely lunch and for the desert of an edge. A few hours later I get a reply “You are most welcome”

Day 7 Saturday October 24th

I wake up early today and for some reason think that instead of jogging on the spot inside I will go for a run so with my device fitted, I head off expecting to get about 20 steps and have to stop but to my surprise I ran the half mile there no problem. The return on the other hand was not so easy because I didn’t factor in it was slightly uphill so it was more wobble back as my legs turned to jelly but I did manage it just. It took me a fair while to recover that’s for sure but it’s a start. I messaged Mistress to confirm my device was fitted and that I had been for a run. Mistress replied with “A mile? Well done!! You’ll ache tomorrow” which in fact I ached for a lot longer than that. I thank Mistress for her encouragement and hear nothing more from her today.

So another week of mind fuckery passes and a more gentle path into chastity which is working well (so far)! Thank you Mistress for another week of ups and downs.

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