Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 11

Just a brief journal from Sissy Mouse this week as Mistress had the flu (again) and wasn’t around much.  It happens, such is life!


Distance control journal week 11

Day 1 Sunday October 25th

My day starts as always with my chastity device fitted and I carry out my exercise. I message Mistress to confirm this and hear nothing from her today.

Even though I don’t wear my chastity device 24/7 (as yet) I still get moments when it gets unbearable and I have a great deal of respect for anyone wearing one constantly.

Day 2 Monday October 26th

Starting this week once again 15st 3lbs!!

I message Mistress to confirm my device is fitted and I have carried out my exercise. I get a message from Mistress at around 3pm telling me to edge before bed and think of our next session. I thank Mistress for my instructions.

Just before bed I do as instructed and it doesn’t take long to reach edge and leaves me in a very horny state to try and sleep. I message Mistress and thank her for my edge. I try to sleep but it’s not easy with many thoughts running through my mind.

Day 3 Tuesday October 27th

I message Mistress as usual to confirm my now usual morning routine of chastity device fitting and exercise and to thank her once again for my edge.

Mistress replies that she is feeling unwell today.

When I finish work at around 7pm I somehow think it’s a good idea to go for another run. I complete it just with a bit of walking involved and although I feel totally knackered it’s a great feeling to have been able to do it.

Day 4 Wednesday October 28th

As always I message Mistress to confirm my daily routine and also that I went out for a run last night. Mistress replies that she is feeling even worse today which of course is not nice to hear so wish her well and expect not to hear anything more from Mistress.

At around 8pm I receive a message from Mistress saying “Writing task for you whilst I’m sick. The title of the story is…. My dream come true” Mistress also informs me she has flu so it’s not going to disappear quickly. I thank Mistress for my task and wish her good luck dealing with the flu.

Day 5 Thursday October 29th

I carry out my usual routine but as Mistress is unwell I don’t disturb her. I have had a very sleepless night with my writing task running around my head and all sorts of strange ideas coming and going. I have a quiet day work wise so try and get something down. However whatever I seem to write starts ok then just becomes drivel so I accept defeat and get on with something else. What it does do is to uncomfortably fill my chastity device.

After work I go for another run working on the theory that if I get myself into a set weekly routine it should slowly become easier. I run a little slower this time and manage to complete the distance without walking which makes me very happy but also still totally knackered.

Day 6 Friday October 30th

Once again even though Mistress is unwell I carry out my morning routine and get on with my day.

Quite unexpectedly I receive a message from Mistress at around 8pm letting me know she is starting to feel a little better which was great to hear.

Day 7 Saturday October 31st

This morning after I fitted my chastity device I went for another run and once again managed to run without walking. Still knackered though!

I message Mistress to enquire how she is feeling and the great news was she was feeling much better and was very happy to be the other side of her horrendous flu. Mistress also enquired if I missed her which of course I had very much. I also informed Mistress that I was struggling with my writing task but had finally got something flowing.

So a quiet week this week because no one plans or wants to be ill. However Mistress’s control is never far from my mind whatever is happening and the chastity always reminds me of her.

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