Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 12

During this week, Sissy Mouse had another bash at Chastity and his first Teamviewer experience:

(Thank you for my house-warming gift Mousey).

Distance control journal week 12

Sunday November 1st 

This week starts off in my bumbling buffoon way by me sending Mistress my “Dream come true” story and my incomplete week 11 journal instead of week 10 which was already being submitted late.

A couple of to and fro emails later and everything is up to date’ with Mistress also enquiring why I didn’t include a reference to my whimpering email to her on my week 10 journal. I apologise and say I will re-write it but Mistress informs me she has already made reference to it. My final email today ended up on Mistress’s blog and tweeted! Can you guess what it was?

Monday November 2nd

Starting the week at the same weight of 15st 3lb’s

I carry out my now usual morning routine of chastity fitting and exercise. I message Mistress as ever to confirm this.

Once I finish work I go for my first run of the week the same route but it is getting a little easier and maybe I will be able to go further soon as I am feeling less knackered.

I hear from Mistress later in the day giving me a list of items to bring with me to our session tomorrow including a key safe and my chastity lock keys. I thank Mistress for my list.

Tuesday November 3rd

After a sleepless night wondering about what Mistress has in store for me today I get up carry out my usual routine but this time fitting my chastity device knowing that it wont be coming off tonight before bed.

I message Mistress to confirm everything is still ok for Midday and she confirms that it is and then as always the clock just seems to slow down whilst I wait to leave.

Our session is subject to another write up so there is not need to repeat it here only to add that is was an incredible experience and not surprisingly ending with me leaving with my keys locked in the key safe and Mistress stating that any issues I have I must report them immediately adding “Don’t forget slave codes cost money” and the odds for getting the correct code are only 10000-1. I thank Mistress as always for our amazing session and return to the rainy real world.

That night I spent the evening at home trying not too enjoy being locked up for the first time with no easy access to the keys.

Wednesday November 4th

After a terrible night of no sleep not only trying to get used to the device and the constant failed erections but also the constant reminders of our session and the sore bum and back from the caning and whipping. I carry out my exercise and message Mistress to inform her of this and also that I am feeling great from our session with no sub drop whatsoever. Mistress replies back with “Good morning slave! Glad to hear you suffered in the night but that your device remains in place! Also glad to hear you are feeling great!

I have an immense feeling of pride today I feel I have a swagger to me by being able to take everything that Mistress gave me yesterday and being locked in chastity by Mistress. (I am writing this on Saturday and that feeling is still there).

This was also reflected in my run that I did after work which I seemed to run quicker and without having to stop at all (probably still running on adrenaline).

Thursday November 5th

I awake this morning after having a reasonable night’s sleep I also had a dream that I had got a “Property of Miss Deelight” tattoo done on the pelvic bone just above the chastity device. It was that real I had to look down and check!

I message Mistress late today because I was so engrossed in writing by session write up whilst it was still both fresh in my mind and my bum.

Mistress replies later in the day to say she is chuckling at the memories of our session whilst reading my write up. I thank Mistress once again for our amazing session.

Later in the evening I am out and Mistress sends me a message to say she is trying to have a sneaky visit to my pc via Team Viewer and it’s off. I explain to Mistress that it’s probably asleep and as I am only 5 minutes or so away I will go and wake it up. Mistress replies that would be ok and to make sure it stays on from now on as Mistress may want to visit as and when she likes! I wake up the computer, email Mistress to confirm and return to what I was doing now with that nagging feeling about what might happen now.

My following night’s sleep is very disturbed not just by the chastity but not knowing what state my pc will be in tomorrow.

Friday November 6th

I check my pc and yes it has had a visit but nothing more than that (from what I can see).

I carry out my exercise and message Mistress and inform her that I expected to wake up to a locked pc!

I get a message later in the day from Mistress asking how her property is. I reply that it’s locked up and happy. This pleases Mistress and also informs me that Slave Dribbly is putting up Mistress’s mantra wall vinyl and that he is much less faffy at doing jobs than me. This is probably very true because I do always faf about when I am in Mistress’s company regardless of what I am doing. Mistress then sends me a message to view twitter and a picture of the job done so another successful HOD project completed.

Saturday November 7th

After a very poor night with an erection that will not go away and is relentless in trying to get out of it’s cage no matter what I do. I also find myself stroking the cage up and down which of course makes things worse not better. I finally get to sleep but probably only get about 2 hours and have a late start. I finally get up do my exercise but don’t message Mistress today as she is busy this weekend and it was left that Mistress would message me when she is back in work mode.

The other thing that has surprised me is that chastity has made me feel quite needy however I have resisted the temptation to be annoying and keep contacting Mistress. It’s just a very weird feeling but I can’t deny it great that it’s problem free so far!












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