Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 13

Distance control journal week 13 – by Slave Sissy Mouse

This week’s journal is in a different format because as it was week 13 things didn’t generally go to plan.

The week starts as ever on a Sunday and with me breaking my chastity record now starting day 5. As I think I said before yes it’s not very long but it is to me as my balls always manage to escape.

I start my day with a run going a little further today and return home and not long after start to feel odd. Can’t really put my finger on it and because I had an easy day I enjoyed a nice long bath (very handy for a deep clean on the device and what’s locked inside it). I go about the rest of my day still feeling odd but putting it down to a lack of sleep due to the chastity.

At around 7pm I suddenly feel very tired and decide to go to bed and as soon as I lie down and try to sleep I have a wave of shivering run over me and this continues for hours. The even worse part whilst this was happening is my balls painfully extracted themselves from the chastity device. That was an eye watering moment to say the least. At around midnight the shivering stops and I manage to get some sleep. I awake the following day late and message Mistress the news.

Mistress replies and is very understanding and hopes I feel better soon. The rest of the day is spent feeling a little down at another chastity fail.

On Tuesday I awake and message Mistress that whatever I had, had passed and could I have the code to unlock my device padlock and refit it. Mistress replies that she is glad I feel better and I have amused her because slaves don’t usually ask for the key to lock themselves back up. Mistress enquires what my plans are for the day which is just very light duties today.

Once I finish work I feel well enough to go for a run which makes me feel much better after I finished. Mistress messages me a little later to enquire how I am feeling and once she knows I am feeling better she informs me she has a few tasks for me to do in her new house.

Wednesday arrives and I duly make my way to meet Mistress at her very nice new home and carryout the tasks she wants done, which I manage to do without being my usual bumbling self. Mistress also instructed me to bring the key safe so she could unlock it hand me the key to release the padlock and return the keys to the safe. I thank Mistress for the honour of helping her and get on my way.

Thursday greets me this time with a nasty cold it’s that time of year! I message Mistress to inform her that once again I feel unwell and will be taking it easy. Mistress replies and she hopes I feel better soon.

Friday comes and my cold is still with me but I have to collect a car from the depths of Wiltshire today so get up and get on with it. At around 11am Mistress messages me to enquire if I am working and where was her morning text. I inform Mistress that I am collecting this car because I have to and then heading home to bed. What I didn’t realise that whilst I was out Mistress had visited my work pc and taken over admin control via Teamviewer and left me a little note which said….

hickory dicory dock

the mouse ran up the clock

the clock struck 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

the mouse cowered in the corner

hickory dicory dock lol

Well this was not expected and left me with all manner of things running around my head but as the Pirelli tyres logo says “Power is nothing without control”

In one of my usual panics I message Mistress and apologise for being sloppy with my lack of message today and that I didn’t expect to find she had visited my pc already and taken control of it (I can’t even change the clock or look at the calendar anymore!)

I think week 13 lived up to its name.

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