Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 16

As it is now officially Christmas season I decided that my slaves would be launched into it head first as I am feeling particularly festive this year!  Mousey was my first target!

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Distance control Journal week 16

After my dark cloud, this week’s journal returns to normal.

Sunday November 29th

My morning message to Mistress is returned with Mistress enquiring how her panty wearing sissy is feeling and instructing me to wear a pair of tights under my clothes for the day to remind me of the sissy that I am. As I am not at home I thank Mistress for her instructions and inform her I will be home in about an hour and will put the tights on as soon as I get back.

Once home I search away for some tights and finally find a pair and put them on. I do have to admit that it’s great to be back under Mistress’s control and I have missed it very much.

I message Mistress later that day to thank her for my task today.

Monday November 30th

My message from Mistress today starts off very well informing me that I am due a treat and to buy a cupcake for my lunch desert. I thank Mistress for my treat but I have a feeling there is going to be a catch. A little later whilst sat at my computer the teamviewer box appears on the screen and I immediately start to panic and shut down a game of solitaire as if the boss had come in the room (Which I guess is true as Mistress is now the boss of me). Mistress opens a notepad and types busy day mousey? And we have a small chat via the notepad. Mistress asks me if I am looking forward to my treat which of course I am. She also informs me that there will be a punishment attached as well for failing to respond to a message the following evening. Before Mistress leaves she tells me to get to work and message her as soon as I have bought the cupcake and that  Mistress is back and I better watch out or words to that effect I can’t quite remember exactly because I was having my usual teamviewer panic.

Three hours of mind whirring later and the seasonal cupcake with an iced reindeer is purchased and I inform Mistress. Mistress responds with “Well your punishment is to give the cupcake an extra cream topping…. In your manky man loo…. Frilly panties around your ankles…. Spunk on Rudolf and eat the lot and take photos for evidence. I think Mistress for my erm treat and eat my lunch and ponder my lovely desert. I can put it off no more otherwise I will no longer be alone go into the toilet (which I would like to point out is still nice and clean) trousers and panties round ankles and do my task. It’s not very difficult it’s been 2 months since I was permitted an orgasm and the degradation of the task ensured that Rudolf had more cream than he could cope with. Usually after orgasm I lose a bit of my submissive side but not today I think the degradation element took over and it was gone in three mouthfuls.

Afterwards I message Mistress and thank her for my lovely desert. Mistress replies with “You’re welcome was it tasty?” to which my reply was “Bitter sweet Mistress”. Mistress messaged back “Lol nice salty treat”.

I think Mistress is back is an understatement!!!

Tuesday December 1st

My message from Mistress today read “I want you to draw reindeer antlers either side of your pathetic little cock and a Rudolf face, complete with red nose. Fuck it wrap some tinsel around it too!”

I thank Mistress for my instructions and try my best to draw a face and antlers I take a picture for evidence and then go off and buy some tinsel. I have to say the tinsel wrapped around the cock and balls is very irritating (probably like me sometimes!). Mistress messaged me later to ask how my task was going and I replied that it was wearing off as the day went on. Although it didn’t wear off enough and no matter how much I scrubbed there was still a faint outline of antlers the day after!!

Wednesday December 2nd

I awake to a message from Mistress saying “Morning Rudolf” this is the theme of the week so far and is not going to change today. I wish Mistress a good morning and a nice day. A while later I get a message from Mistress informing me she is in Kwik fit with a nail in one of her car tyres and is contemplating what it would look like in my foreskin. Cue nervous laugh! I reply that I am sorry to hear about her tyre woes and the reply back was “I need cheering up. What wicked things can I do to you today? I think it best to leave it at that and bumble about my day. At around 2pm I get a message from Mistress telling me to slip the words Rudolf and pervert randomly into any conversations I have. I didn’t do very well only managing to see 4 people however the best one was the parts delivery lady who just ran with it and I think I got 3 Rudolf’s and 5 perverts into the conversation without a blink of an eye from her!

Later in the day I check my computer and the Amazon sign in page is open with just TUT TUT TUT written in it. I message Mistress straight away because I don’t know what I have done. Mistress informs me that my Amazon sign in details didn’t show up and she wanted to have a look around adding I wasn’t going to buy anything yet! Once again cue nervous laugh and I send her the details just in case it happens again.

Thursday December 3rd

I message Mistress and wish her a good day and inform her I am joining a local gym today to carry on with my running and will send her proof that I have joined later. No getting out of it now! I have a busy day and almost forget to go and join but duly do it mid afternoon. I am given a tour and get what I need to join and book my induction for the following Monday. I email Mistress a picture of my swipe card and electronic key that records what activities you have done whilst at the gym. Also giving Mistress the chance to log in and check my progress!

Later that evening, I get a message from Mistress praising me on joining and checking that we are still on for our session tomorrow. I thank Mistress for her encouragement and reply very definitely that I am look forward to our session.

Friday December 4th

You can read all about my day here:

Saturday December 5th

I awake today late. I rarely get a lay in and message Mistress that I have been lazy today and just got up. I also inform her I have a busy day. Mistress replies that she too has only just got up. Her instructions are to wear a thong and hold up stockings under my clothes and to the wear the big bow on my head that we purchased yesterday if I go out or anyone comes in and take photos for evidence. I thank Mistress for her instructions and go about my day with the thong and stockings reminding me of the sissy I am!

Saturday is a quiet day visitor wise so I only manage 2 photos. 1 was in the local bakery and the lady who worked there was more than happy to be in the picture as long as she could have it sent to her.

So there ends another week of fun and stupidity, is Mistress back on form? She most certainly is. Thank you Mistress.

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